Are you one of the almost 15 percent of the population moves annually? If so, you could probably use some advice to make moving easier.

The only thing worse than cleaning your old apartment is losing your deposit. So, we do it. Use this moveout cleaning checklist to make it a bit easier.

Buy the Right Cleaning Supplies

First up on the move out cleaning checklist is to purchase the right supplies. It’s hard to clean a home properly if all you have is dish soap and water. A few deep cleaning home essentials include:

  • Magic eraser
  • Bleach and bleach wipes
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Kitchen cooktop cleaner
  • Glass cleaner

This is just the tip of cleaning supplies iceberg. Check out this list of top cleaning supplies to get started.

Move Out All of Your Possessions

Your furniture and knick-knacks will get in the way of your apartment move out cleaning. Ensure you’ve loaded all of your belongings on a moving truck, or the professional movers have already taken your things away.

Now that all of your rooms are empty you can clean every inch of the floors, countertops, appliances, walls and more.

Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is likely one of the dirtiest places in your rental. Spills, splatters, and stains can occur at any time with even the cleanest of cooks. In order to properly clean the kitchen, you will need to not only clean the floors and countertops but each appliance as well.

Start by cleaning your cooktop with a special cleaner and running the oven on a self-clean cycle. Next, tackle the microwave and fridge. It’s important to wipe down all surfaces inside these appliances.

Wipe Down the Bathroom

Everyone dreads cleaning the bathroom. Make sure you leave this area spick and span. Start by completing your regular bathroom cleaning routine.

Next, start deep cleaning by scrubbing tiles with a grout cleaner on both the floor and inside your shower and tub. Rinse well when complete especially if the cleaner contains bleach.

Continue to clean the fixtures, countertops, and vanities until everything shines. Remember to clean your toilet properly prior to moving out. Finish your bathroom clean-up by mopping the floor.

Tidy Up the Bedroom and Living Areas

Lastly, you’ll need to clean up the bedroom and all other living areas. Start repairing any holes in the wall and touching up the paint if necessary. Make sure to wipe down all windows, window sills, blinds, molding, and vents.

Next, you’ll need to deep clean your floors. This process will depend on the type of flooring you have. Dirty carpets will take the most intense cleaning, so be prepared to hire a carpet cleaning service if there is major buildup in your carpets.

Is a Moveout Cleaning Checklist Overwhelming?

If following this moveout cleaning checklist seems overwhelming we are ready to help you. We want to ensure that you get your deposit back after you move out. Contact us at Rescue My Time Cleaning Service to get started deep cleaning today.