Frequently Asked Questions2017-09-07T22:37:37-04:00
Why do I need a cleaning service?2017-08-31T21:07:51-04:00

A professional cleaning service frees you up to do the things YOU want to do: spend time with your family, pursue a new hobby, or simply take time for yourself. We understand how busy life can get, and sometimes cleaning just can’t get done. That’s why we’re here! Let us do the work you don’t want to do.

How much does it cost?2017-08-31T21:08:21-04:00

Our prices are based off of a quote system that judges the service that you want and the size of your home. We can provide a quote over the phone, or visit your home in person. Rest assured that our company is very competitively priced, and the best bang for your buck!

Do you use safe chemicals?2019-01-22T11:34:23-05:00

Yes! Whenever possible we use non-toxic chemicals that are used by many other cleaning professionals around the world. They are odor free, and safe for any pets or children.

Are you bonded and insured?2019-01-22T12:10:21-05:00

Yes!  We are bonded and insured.

What about my pets?2017-08-31T21:08:41-04:00

If your pet is friendly/safe, we do not mind working in a home with pets. We do ask that you notify us if there will be pets present.


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