There are almost 9,000 different chemicals used in commerce today. Many of these chemicals are in our cleaning products. For many of us, this is just too many chemicals, and it’s time we start limiting our exposure.

This means turning to green cleaning as an alternative to traditional cleaning products. But are these products worth it?

Keep reading to find out if green products are worth the switch in your home.

What Are Green Cleaning Products?

These cleaners will have less of a negative effect on you, your pets, and the environment than traditional cleaning products. Many manufacturers of these safer cleaners limit or restrict certain chemicals from being in their products.

This reduces your family’s exposure and the number of chemicals that enter the environment.

Is Green Cleaning Worth It?

The short answer is yes! Green products may require a bit more elbow grease when it comes to the cleaning, but many manufacturers are working on this. Their goal is to make their products perform as well as traditional cleaners.

That way, consumers won’t have to make any tradeoffs for choosing green cleaning products.

A Safer Home

Traditional cleaning product companies claim that their cleaning products aren’t dangerous in small quantities. The problem is, we use multiple products in one cleaning session.

When you add all of these products up, you create a greater risk when these chemicals start mixing together. Some chemicals like chlorine and ammonia can be deadly when mixed together.

Simply reading the label on traditional cleaners should make you take pause. You’ll see things like flammable and toxic.

Save Money

You don’t have to buy green cleaning products to use green cleaners. Sometimes the simplest of products can clean just as well. Baking soda and vinegar are two affordable products that you can use to clean multiple surfaces in your home.

Know What Is in Your Products

Unlike food packaging, cleaning products do not have to have their ingredients listed on the label. So you never really know what is in your traditional cleaning products.

Green cleaning products manufacturers make it a point to list out all of their ingredients. This gives their products a level of transparency.

Clean Your Indoor Air

All of those smells that you experience from traditional cleaning products contribute to the indoor air pollution in your home. These are called VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. They can cause your family health problems like damage to your kidneys, liver, and nervous system.

Schedule Your Home Cleaning

Practicing green cleaning in your home is well worth it when you consider all of these benefits. You can’t put a price on you and your family’s health.

So whether you clean your home yourself or save time and hire a service, make sure that green cleaning products are used. That way, you can enjoy a clean home and breathe easy knowing that your family is safe.

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