The average American spends a little more than eight minutes in the shower each day.

This adds up to a substantial amount of time by the end of the year – but it also means that dirt, grime, and soap scum can accumulate.

Like the other surfaces in your home, you need to clean your shower to ensure that it stays sanitary. Keep reading to learn the best way to clean a shower!

Do You Need to Clean the Grout?

The grout between the tiles in your shower will get dirty the fastest. This is because the grout has a rougher surface, and can hold onto dirt and other substances. 

Grout’s small size means that it also requires special attention to clean. You’ll want to make use of a fresh toothbrush and a mixture of half and half white vinegar and warm water to scrub away at your grout.

If you want a stronger cleaning solution, you can dilute one part bleach into four parts of water – just be sure to properly vent your bathroom while working. 

How to Clean Shower Tiles

You can also use the mixture of half and half vinegar and hot water to clean the tiles in your shower or any other general-purpose cleaner you have in your home. However, if your shower tiles are a specific type of material, like slate, you will want to use a specialized cleaning formula that won’t stain or damage your tiles. 

You can simply spray your cleaning solution onto your shower tiles, wipe it down with a rag, and let it sit for ten minutes or so. Then, you can spray and wipe down the same area using just water to remove any residue which may remain. 

If you have a glass door in your shower, you can use a glass cleaner and simply wipe it down.

To reduce the amount of grime that builds up, you should buy a squeegee and remove excess water from the door after every shower. 

The Best Way to Clean a Shower Drain: Snake It

Your shower drain can quickly become clogged with hair and gunk. While you can pour drain cleaning solutions down your pipes, you should avoid making it a habit, as the harsh chemicals can damage your pipes over time. 

The best way to remove shower clogs is to use a drain snake to break up and snag hair so that you can then pull it out of the drain. If you don’t have a drain snake, you can make do with a folded piece of wire or clothes hanger bent into a hook.

You may also want to consider installing a drain cover, which will catch hair and debris before it has the chance to clog your drain and is much simpler to clean out. 

Regular Cleaning: Easier Than One Big Cleaning

Now that you know the best way to clean a shower, you can keep your bathroom sanitary and clean for yourself and any visitors you may have! Regular cleaning means that you won’t have to dedicate a few hours to your bathroom every few months. 

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