Cleaning up after the holidays can feel impossible, but it’s time! Take down that tree, those lights, and finally clean up that mess from your family. This task may seem incredibly daunting, but if you break it down into steps, you’ll have the work done in no time. 

Make a Plan 

First, figure out what you need to do. The best way to figure this out is to walk through your home with the eyes of a visitor. Make notes on anything you need to fix or get rid of.

Turn your observations into a to-do list. Get your family together and go over the plan delegating the work. 

Basic Chores

Here are some basic household chores that will really improve the overall look and cleanliness of your home. First, wash your windows and vacuum any window screens. 

Next, damp-mop your baseboards, launder and press window and shower curtains. Deep clean all if your bathrooms including the medicine cabinets. Throw out anything that’s empty or expired. 

Now move to the kitchen, starting with the stove cleaning the stove top. Then go to the refrigerator, get rid of any old or expired food. Wipe down all appliances and kitchen cabinets.   

Get Rid of Unwanted Gifts After the Holidays

It’s the thought that counts, right? Not when these good intentions are causing you lots of clutter after you sent the thank you notes.

Return gifts that don’t fit into your life or home. This way it’s really the gift that keeps on giving. You may also consider donating these gifts to a charity, which actually need your help all year long.  

Collect The Holiday Cards

The Smith family does look adorable in their holiday greeting card, but we’re well into the new year. It’s time to take the holiday cards down!

Use the cards you received to make a list of how you should send holiday cards to next year. You can even recycle these cards by cutting them up and using them as gift tags.

Clean The Guest Bedroom 

Your inlaws haven’t been here in weeks, it’s time to finally clean out their room. Was the bed sheets, use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment so you can completely clean the mattress. Be sure to really focus on the seams.

Replace the bedding, and fluff those pillows. Now you’re ready for new guests! 

Take Down Those Lights 

Yes, it’s time to take down those holiday lights! Here’s a trick to save you time next year. Wrap the strings around a paper towel tube or piece of cardboard. This way it’s easy to unravel for next season. 

Tackle Christmas Tree Take Down 

Remember you also have to coordinate a Christmas tree curbside pick-up. Contact your local trash collector to find out when they do curbside pick-up so your tree is ready. 

Start Cleaning Today 

Remember these are just suggestions to hopefully spark some post-holiday cleaning inspiration. Tackle all of this and soon your home will be spotless after the holidays. And if you still need some help, contact us today