Keeping your home clean reduces allergens, makes your household safer and increases your focus. A cleaning chart keeps your household chores organized and gives you a plan to follow when cleaning up on a daily basis.

Ever wondered about making a cleaning schedule yourself?

It only takes a few steps. Read on to learn more about creating your own ultimate schedule.

What Is a Cleaning Chart?

Detailed plans that list the areas of your home and tasks that you complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

A household chores schedule includes the following:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Seasonal
  • Semi-annual

Daily chores include maintenance cleaning. Weekly and monthly chores are tasks completed less often, such as washing the sheets or organizing the pantry.

Define Your Expectations

Be realistic when making daily house cleaning schedules. You shouldn’t expect to achieve a magazine-perfect home.

Consider how much time and energy you have after dealing with responsibilities such as work and family. Set your priorities to keep your schedule balanced.

Allow yourself to take a break if you get sick or if an emergency disrupts your daily schedule.

Divide Tasks

From maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning, what your house needs may differ.

Professional cleaning services cover different cleaning packages depending on your needs. When making a monthly cleaning schedule, break down tasks in the same way.

Create a list of task-based chores and room-based chores to put on your cleaning schedule.

Room-based tasks include tackling everything in one room. Task-based housecleaning involves sweeping the floors and washing the windows.

Walk Through Your House

There are many benefits to cleaning including being able to focus more clearly.

But first, you have to make a list of everything you need to clean in your house.

Separate tasks on your monthly and weekly chore list. For example, the kitchen could include doing the dishes, wiping the countertops, and dusting the top of the fridge.

It may look overwhelming at first, but you can save certain tasks for monthly or seasonal cleaning.

Make Cleaning a Daily Habit

By cleaning every day, you don’t need to deep clean as often.

Wiping your shower down after use and dusting your fan blades are small tasks but when performed every day save you time and effort in the long run.

Look at speed cleaning lists and use these ideas to make your own daily cleaning schedule.

Start with a few day-to-day cleaning chores and add more to your schedule when you have the extra time and energy.

A Cleaner Home Begins with a Plan

Creating a cleaning chart helps keep your tasks in order and gives you a plan to follow every day.

Knowing which areas of your home to tackle and keeping those rooms clean will increase your focus and make you feel better about your living space.

By setting your expectations, breaking down tasks, and sticking to a daily schedule your house will be sparkling in no time.

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