Have you been thinking of appropriate ways to clean your bathroom? In case you’ve, consider deep cleaning your bathroom today.

Bladder and bacterial infections are common to people who do not pay attention to regular deep cleaning of their bathrooms.

Deep cleaning a bathroom helps promote good hygiene. Good hygiene helps prevent illnesses and infections. Cleaning your bathroom will also contribute to creating a conducive living environment in your home.

Deep cleaning a bathroom isn’t too challenging when you know what you’re doing. Here are six-bathroom cleaning tips to help simplify the process.

1. Clear the Clutter

Start by removing the stuff on the bathroom counter. Proceed to get rid of any clutter standing in the way of a deep clean.

If you have a bath mat, take it and follow the instructions on the tag to clean it. If it doesn’t have a guide, run it through the washer, then hang it to dry.

At this time, collect all the used bath and hand towels. Load them into the washer to clean too.

Get a clean cloth and spray it with distilled white vinegar or anti-bacterial spray. Use the wet cloth to wipe the items in your bathroom gently.

Wipe down items such as your shampoo and conditioner bottles. Also, clean your bathing soaps bottles and toothbrush. Later remove them from the bathroom and place them elsewhere to dry.

Removing items from the bathroom will give you enough space to facilitate deep cleaning on the floor and counter.

If you have a window, open it to allow air to circulate once you bring out the cleaning supplies. In case you don’t have a window, turn on the fan.

2. Vacuum the Surfaces

Whether you’ve long or short hair, there’s a high possibility most ends up on your bathroom surfaces. Apart from the hair, dust floats in the air around us at all times. This is why vacuuming before you start washing is a wise decision to provide you with a blank floor and surfaces to clean.

Appropriately connect your vacuum and start vacuuming the entire floor. Don’t forget to clean the corners around and behind the toilet and under your vanity.

Vacuum your shower floor and the bathroom countertops as well.

Once you’re done cleaning, don’t forget to give the head of the vacuum attachment a quick cleaning before you set it aside.

Vacuuming all surfaces before you wipe them down helps you to effectively clean all areas with ease.

3. Wipe all Surfaces

Deep cleaning your bathroom involves reaching all spaces, even those you don’t think of very often. Use a disinfecting spray or wipes to scrub down all the surfaces. All the surfaces include the floor of your shower.

Ensure not only to scrub but also sanitize your vanity. Don’t leave the cabinet doors, sinks, doorknobs, and faucet handles unclean. Get also to wipe the bathroom window and its pull.

Sanitize all the surfaces you touch, sit and step on in your bathroom.

This will give your bathroom freshness and promote good hygiene.

4. Clean the Shower

For your shower, always make an effort to wipe down the walls and the doors after every use as you wait for your deep cleaning day. Deep cleaning should help clean all the build-up dirt, and because of the frequent cleaning, it will be easier.

Turn on the water and wet the floor and the walls of the shower. Wetting these surfaces helps you identify the specific areas you should focus on.

Using a commercial and homemade cleaning solution, apply it to the mildewed areas and leave it to sit for at least ten minutes. After ten minutes, use a sponge and elbow grease to brush the mildew off.

Rinse the walls and the floors once you have removed all the grime. If your shower is stone-made, don’t forget to use a formulated cleanser to prevent harm to the porous stone material.

From this, clean the shower curtains or doors. For the shower curtains, you can toss them in the washing machine together with the bath towels.

For your shower walls and doors, squeegee them to remove the remaining water. To be effective, use a spray to wipe them down effectively.

This will leave your bathroom walls shinny.

5. Clean the Toilet

A good toilet cleaning hack starts with the bowl. Use a toilet cleaner and a scrub brush to clean the surface. Leave the toilet cleaner to sit in for at least fifteen minutes before you flash it down.

Close the toilet lid and sanitize the entire exterior of your toilet with a disinfectant spray. Pay attention to where you grab the seat to lift it and the flusher.

Finally, clean the seat, the area under it, and the rim of the toilet bowl.

6. Deep Clean the Floors

Vacuuming the bathroom floors isn’t enough to give them a proper deep clean. For effective bathroom cleaning, you’ll need to mop.

Make a bleach solution by combining a tablespoon of bleach and commercial floor disinfectant, then spray it on the floor generously. Put the shower water hot, turn off the vent, and close the window. Allow the steam to fill the room, turn off the shower and close the bathroom door.

Let the steam linger for 20 minutes, then go and mop the floor. Keep the door and the window open to allow air in. After this step, you’ll have a fresh bathroom ready for use.

You Now Know How to Deep Cleaning a Bathroom

Deep cleaning a bathroom helps keep germs and diseases away. It also helps to promote a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

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