Are you struggling to find time to relax? You are not the only one! Nearly half of 25- to 34-year-olds hire maid services to improve their work/life balance. They want to choose how to spend their time rather than feeling obligated to clean.

If there isn’t enough time to relax, let alone clean the house, you may need a helping hand. Keep reading to find out why a maid company is a good option for you and your household.

Maid Service Cost

The cost of cleaning services varies depending on the location and size of your home. 

The number of rooms and the square footage of each room determine the price of the cleaning service. The cost ranges from $0.06-$0.20 per square foot. As a result, the hourly rate can range from $25-$80 an hour. 

Depending on the cleaning company, you can choose different cleaning packages that meet your needs. You have full control of what gets cleaned.

This includes cleaning frequency as well. Usually, weekly cleaning is less expensive than a one-time or monthly cleaning, as the cleaner needs to spend less time deep cleaning.

  • One-time cleaning costs $140-$330
  • Weekly cleaning costs $75-$250
  • Monthly cleaning costs $120-$300

Cleaners are given extensive background checks. This process ensures the person coming into your home is trustworthy and responsible.

However, make sure the business is bonded, licensed, and insured. Bonding covers a broken, damaged, or stolen item. Insurance covers the housekeeper from any accidents that may occur in your home. This insurance is important liability protection for you and the worker. 

Why Hire a Professional House Cleaner?

A cleaning company offers trained professionals with modern cleaning tools and equipment. They are trained in the proper ways to clean and dust your home. As a result, your household will be cleaned to a higher standard with time spent on every nook and cranny. Even those hard-to-reach spots that generally get ignored.

A trusted service can provide cleaning tips to aid you in keeping things tidy in-between cleaning appointments.

Special events with family and friends are wonderful, but the preparation can be stressful. You can schedule a holiday cleaning. Hiring a cleaning company will allow you to enjoy any special event with less stress.

A maid company understands your frustration and may be willing to share their knowledge and experience. A trusted service can provide cleaning tips to aid you in keeping things tidy in-between cleaning appointments.

Qualities to Look for in a Cleaning Company

You’ve decided you must hire a cleaning company. The maid service cost is a good investment for you. 

When you hire a cleaning company, you invite an unknown individual into your home. So, you want to make the right choice. Where do you begin?

Start by asking family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations. Their opinions will give you some direction on where to start looking.

Check out the cleaning company’s website. Are they credentialed with a national cleaning association? Look for online reviews and see what customers have to say.

A quality maid company should be willing to give you referrals from previous clients—honest feedback from a satisfied customer who is eager to share information. A company’s social media page may also offer insight.

Cleaning Products

Ask the cleaning company what type of cleaning products will be used in your home. You may be surprised to find out their go-to cleaning tools are simple supplies such as microfiber cloths and melamine foam, also known as a magic eraser.

The majority of cleaning products utilize non-toxic chemicals that are odor-free, making them safe for children and pets. House cleaners know you’re concerned about the home environment. It is important that your cleaning company be advised of any sensitivity or allergies to specific cleaning products.

Some cleaning companies may offer green cleaning options utilizing only those products that are plant-based and biodegradable. Ask the cleaning company in advance of scheduling if you are only interested in only eco-cleaning products.

Pets and Cleaning

If your pets are friendly and safe around strangers, they can roam the house. If your pet is skittish and stressed around strangers, you will want to have the pet in a safe and secure space.

A cleaning company will need to know what kind of pets you have and how many. Keep in mind that homes with pets may require more time cleaning to remove all pet hair.

Let the maid company know if there are any areas in the home that may require special attention from a nervous pet. Carpet cleaning services are available to eliminate these trouble spots.

Before the First Cleaning

You will want to declutter your home before the cleaning. Removing items piled onto flat surfaces will save time and allow more effective cleaning.

Some customers prefer to be away from the house during the cleaning. Therefore, you will want to provide a garage code or spare key for access.

Not comfortable with a spare key or garage code? You will need to ensure that someone is home during the scheduled cleaning time.

What to Expect During the Cleaning

You can expect a cleaning professional that is committed to giving you the spotless home you’ve desired. A typical cleaning may include cleaning floors, dusting high and low spaces, cleaning the kitchen including appliances, and cleaning bathrooms.

A deluxe cleaning will be a more comprehensive cleaning, including molding and woodwork, blinds and shutters, polishing furniture, and all cabinet fronts. These services would be added to the average house cleaning package.

Hiring a Maid Service

Hiring a maid service will eliminate the cleaning burden and give you more time to enjoy your life. Removing cleaning responsibilities from your endless to-do list will reduce your stress and give you a cleaner home.

The gift of time justifies the cost. Reduced stress means improved happiness. You lead a busy life, and you determine the cleaning schedule that fits your lifestyle.

When it comes to cleaning companies, there are many options. Rescue My Time Cleaning Service is here to help. Request a quote. We’d love to hear from you.