According to a recent survey, about 91% of Americans take part in spring cleaning. This has grown into a tradition for many families in the country. However, it’s equally important to maintain a clean house throughout the year.

Summer, with its adventurous atmosphere, is a challenging time to keep the house clean. With all the summer activities in full swing, it’s quite easy to forget cleaning routines. Below are seven simple summer clean tips to keep your home tidy through the summer months.

1. Encourage Outdoor Activities for the Kids

The less time you spend indoors, the cleaner the house will be. Summer is a great time for fun outdoor activities. Encourage everyone, especially the kids and pets, to take their games outside and not turn the living room into a playground.

2. Get Everyone Involved

Everyone in the household has to get involved in cleaning activities. Delegate some cleaning tasks among the family members, including the kids, by creating a cleaning schedule. This way, everyone also shares an interest in keeping the house clean and neat.

3. Keep Basic Cleaning Supplies Close

Make sure you always have the essential cleaning supplies at all times. Stock up on cleaning products like bleaches, solvents, detergents, scrubs, and brushes. This prepares you to handle any cleaning emergencies that you may encounter, from spills to dust.

4. Clean Messes Immediately

Don’t wait for the regular house cleaning time to clean the entire house.

Clean up messes such as spills as soon as they happen to avoid permanent or stubborn staining.  This also prevents the accumulation of cleaning tasks that could be overwhelming on a regular schedule.

Cleaning on the go makes the job less tedious.

5. Take Care of the Laundry

Instead of having dirty laundry all over the bedroom and bathroom floors, make a habit of clearing laundry on a daily basis. This keeps the pile small and easy to manage. It also declutters the living area of any dirty clothes.

6. Organize the Pantry and Kitchen

The summer heat takes a heavy toll on the kitchen and pantry area. Organize the food items and throw away any unwanted or spoiled food.

Also, maintain clean utensils and appliances as this keeps away any summer pests such as ants that thrive in the high humidity and temperature.

7. Clutter Control

Keeping a house neat drastically reduces the amount of time needed to clean. Put away any items that are not in use in their rightful storage spaces.

This includes toys, shoes, electrical appliances, and tools. As a bonus, you’ll always have an idea of where everything is kept at any time.   

Summer Clean Should be a Priority

The best way to keep your house clean in summer is prioritizing housekeeping and cleaning practices throughout the season.

Set aside a few minutes every day to dust, vacuum, and scrub away any clutter and dirt. Also, lay some ground rules for any pets, children, and other house occupants to observe tidiness and cleanliness.

Get in touch with us if you need any summer clean assistance. We offer three house cleaning service packages to suit every home and family.