Dust can be one of the most inconvenient materials found in your home. Not only can it pose a major health hazard, it can also damage the electronics in your home and make your home look dirty. For those reasons, most homeowners look to get rid of the dust in their home consistently.

But, it’s also important to try to reduce the sources of dust in your home. It may be hard to do that if you don’t know exactly where does dust come from. If you’ve noticed a lot of dust in your home, it’s a good idea to educate yourself.

Here are a few popular sources of dust in your home, and how to deal with them.

Source 1: Dead Skin Cells

Though it may sound gross, dead skin cells are the most common source of dust in your home. Over time, human skin replaces itself and sheds the older skin. This is a natural process and barely noticeable, if not for the dust that accumulates.

When you do shed dead skin, the cells combine and form dust. This typically happens at night, which can be a big explanation for the dust under and around our beds. Make sure to clean the areas that are hidden away, such as under a bed or sofa, to avoid dust accumulation.

Source 2: Pets

Just like humans shed skin, pets shed hair. This hair usually accumulates dust, and it will be especially prevalent in homes with cats or dogs. In order to solve this problem, you may want to consider having pets that shed very little or make sure to keep your pets well groomed.

Source 3: Outside Matter

If you have kids that spend a lot of time outside, possibly playing sports, you likely have a dust issue. The same problem occurs when you leave your door open during the warmer, summer months.

Both of these factors will allow outside particles, such as pollen or soil, to penetrate your home. The particles will float into your home from the outside and then settle in your home as dust.

Make sure to keep your home closed off during the summer months in order to keep outside particles where they belong: out!

Cleaning Tips

Now that you know the answer to where dust comes from, there are many ways to clean your home better in order to reduce the dust in your home. There are some special problem areas you can focus on to reduce the issue. Specifically, cleaning under furniture can reduce the effects of dust!

Also, be sure to always keep your air conditioning units clean. These units can circulate dust around your home and cause a large problem for you.

Where Does Dust Come From? Final Thoughts

Dust can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major issue for families. Now that you know exactly where dust comes from, you can do more to prepare for the dust that penetrates!

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