You’re going to spend more than two years of your life in the bathroom. It would be nice if it were clean while you were doing so. After all, cleaning yourself is the point of being in the bathroom in the first place.

The task can be daunting. It’s one of the most discouraging items on the cleaning chart because of how many elements are involved.

Never fear! We’ve got you covered with this guide to how to clean a bathroom thoroughly and without headache. Read on to discover the secrets that will make your hygienic life a breeze going forward.

How to Clean a Bathroom in a Few Simple Steps

Cleaning the bathroom is all about breaking down the larger task into its component parts. Here is a rundown of those parts and how you can accomplish them with ease.

1. Open the Windows

Bathroom cleaning products are among the most intense of any house cleaners. You don’t want to breathe them in. Before you get to work, open the windows to keep your bathroom ventilated during the cleaning process.

2. Take Out the Trash

“Take out the trash” isn’t the first thing you think when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, but it needs to be done. It’s also a small task that can give you a big feeling of accomplishment right as you begin.

3. Clear the Floor

This step may be skippable, but if you’re the kind of person who strips their clothes off and discards them before getting into the shower, you’ll need to pick up after yourself before you begin cleaning. This is as simple as bringing a hamper and throwing the old clothes in it.

4. Put on Gloves

You’ll need gloves to protect you from products that can be as harsh on the skin as they are on the nose.

5. Wipe Down the Sink and Tub

This is where the daunting tasks get simple. You don’t need a lot of elbow grease here. Just go over your sink and tub with a disinfectant wipe.

You’ll want to spend more time on this if it’s your first time cleaning the bathroom in a while, but once you done it, the quick once-over should usually suffice.

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6. Wipe Down the Toilet

Take another wipe across the outside of the toilet. It’s rare that too much scuzz gets on the outside of your toilet, so this should be easy.

7. Use a Brush on the Toilet Bowl

You don’t even have to get your hands dirty here. Just lather toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl, and scrub the sides of the bowl with a standard toilet brush. Then flush, and you’re done.

8. Shine the Mirror

Glass cleaner or vinegar both work well here. This is an especially satisfying task because the end result is your own sparkling reflection staring back at you.

9. Vacuum or Sweep the Floor

Either way, you’re accomplishing the same task: a quick removal of dirt and hair from the floor before the deep cleaning begins.

10. Mop the Floor

Use a wet mop to fully remove stains from the floor. Make sure to do this last so that you don’t end up walking on wet floor.

Clean and Simple

After reading this guide, we hope the process of how to clean a bathroom is demystified for you. It doesn’t need to be as scary as it seems. It can even be fun!

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