Glass is a wonderful material to use for furniture. Italian craftsmen used to use silvered glass in cabinets to create illusions.

It helps create reflections, making rooms appear larger and it invites light into the space.

Unfortunately, glass also shows up every speck of dust and dirt! You’d never notice them on regular materials but glass shows up every tiny mark.

It’s worse on glass tables that get a lot of use. Having a strong cleaning regime is the best way to keep your furniture looking its best.

Wondering how to clean a glass table properly? Read on to learn more.

Prep Your Cleaning

Clear the table and put any items somewhere safe. Fetch a bowl of hot tap water – hot, not boiling. Collect two dry, clean lint-free cloths.

Make up a homemade solution of glass cleaner. Add equal parts vinegar and water to a spray bottle. This is a great, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals.

Start by wiping a dry cloth across both the top and underside of the tabletop. Make sure it’s lint-free so you’re not adding more debris to the glass.

This cloth will remove dust or anything like salt.

Cleaning Glass Tables

Now you’ve wiped away the loose dust, you can move onto the cleaning.

Get the second clean cloth. Dip it into your hot water and wring it out. You want the cloth to be damp, not wet.

Rub the cloth over the table, focusing on any spills or stains. For really dirty glass tables, add dish-washing soap to the water.

If you’ve used soapy water, rinse the tabletop with a damp clean cloth. Rub it dry with another cloth.

Finishing the Job

Fetch your homemade glass cleaner and squirt it over the glass table. Buff it dry with a dry lint-free cloth. A crumpled ball of newspaper also works if cloths leave dust on the table.

Ideally, use distilled water in your cleaner. That’s because tap water can contain minerals or other deposits that leave streaks on the glass.

Tips for Different Types of Table

Does your glass table have a metal frame? Use Bar Keepers Friend and clean both the glass and metal at the same time.

Sprinkle the powder on the surface and rub it with a damp sponge. Wipe all the surfaces dry and then buff them to a shine with a chamois cloth.

If your table has a wooden frame, don’t let the diluted vinegar solution soak into the wood. Dry the frame with an absorbent cloth to avoid damage.

Wondering how to clean tempered glass? It’s around four times stronger than ordinary glass.

Make up a mixture of water and dish soap. Spray the tempered glass and then wipe it clean with a soft sponge.

Use a soft cloth to buff away any streaks.

Enjoy a Job Well Done

Now you know how to clean your glass tables. With the right equipment and a simple cleaner, you can keep dirt and streaks at bay.

Just remember to use the right cleaner with the right furniture material.

Keeping on top of your chores can become tiring. If you’d rather hand the cleaning to someone else, why not request a quote?