Whether you have wooden stairs with a carpet runner or fully carpeted stairs, they will need cleaning. Stairs are often a high-traffic area of your home.

With high-traffic comes muddy sneakers, pet dander, and accidental spills.

Learn how to clean carpeted stairs like a pro by reading our handy guide below.

Firstly, Why Should You Clean Carpeted Stairs?

Like all carpeted areas in your home, your stairs will retain dust and dirt and need a thorough cleaning to remain hygienic. The buildup of dust and dirt can lead to mold and bacteria in the carpet.

Carpet is 4000x dirtier than your toilet seat, so next time you consider skipping cleaning the stairs, think again.

This is not only bad for your health but can ruin your carpet fibers too. If your stairs are a high-traffic area, then they really should be cleaned once a week. If they are used occasionally, then once a month will suffice.

How To Clean Carpeted Stairs

Now you know why your carpeted stairs should be clean as often as every week, its time to look at exactly how you do that.

1. Brush

Purchase a small, stiff bristled brush. Use this brush to loosen dirt and hair from the stairs. Your carpet will be a lot cleaner if you do this step first.

Make sure you do each step 2 or 3 times to really lift dirt and debris.

2. Vacuum

Ensure you have a purpose-built vacuum that’s up to the task of carpeted staircases. Your vacuum should have attachments like a smaller head and brush roller.

A cordless model is compact and suitable for staircases. You can also use a regular vacuum with the hose extension. Make sure you place the vacuum unit at the bottom of the stairs, and not at the top for safety reasons.

Again, vacuum each step 2-3 times to ensure a thorough cleaning. Wondering how often you should vacuum? See here.

3. Bathe Your Staircase

If your staircase is still dirty after you have completed all the above steps, then its time to give it a bath. Purchase a carpet shampoo and mix it up according to the instructions.

Take a clean scrub brush and brush each step with the solution until it foams. Avoid scrubbing for a long time as you may discolor the carpet.

Use an old towel to absorb the solution by standing and stepping on the spot on the towel. You may need a few towels to completed dry your staircase.

Give your carpet another vacuum after the stairs have dried – around 12 hours later.

4. Banish Odors

If your staircase smells after the above steps, then look for a powder to banish odors. The powder gets sprinkled on and vacuumed up. You can purchase these from the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket.

Alternatively, you can use bicarbonate of soda with a few drops of essential oils. Sprinkle and vacuum this in the same way.

Get Cleaning Today

So now you know how to clean carpeted stairs, its time to get cleaning! Make sure you have all of the above products ready to hand before you begin.

Limit traffic on the staircase until the whole cleaning process is completed.

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