Who doesn’t love a countertop so sparkly, you can basically see your reflection in it?

Answer: Everyone Does!

Whether you’re doing a little spring cleaning, or you are getting ready to host a few guests, knowing the best house cleaning tips can help you get your space sparkling clean.

In this post, we will explore some of the best house cleaning tips for your space

Get Rid of Grease Build-up with Heat

It’s easy for grease to build-up in the kitchen. Whether it’s on your microwave, counters, or stovetop, no one likes looking at grease stains. Grease can even build up in your pipes if you pour it into your sink. 

A simple and easy way to remove gray buildup is with heat. Some professionals suggest putting hot water on a sponge or rag to help counter grease stains. The heat helps grease melt, making it easier to remove from most surfaces. 

Removing Dog Hair with Tape

Duct tape plus a paint roller equals the ultimate pet hair remover tool. Duct tape is a great way to remove unwanted pet hair from your couch, car seat, and other tricky surfaces. 

Double-sided duct tape works best for removing pet hair. Wrap the appropriate amount of duct tape over the paint roller and get started. Your space will be pet hair free in no time.

Eliminate Odors with Essential Oils

Try dropping a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your vacuum’s vent. Your favorite scent will slowly release as you vacuum your space. 

Most people recommend lemon essential oil because it delivers a fresh, clean scent while you clean; others use eucalyptus for its calming and relaxing properties.

Removing Mildew from your Shower Curtains

Why waste time scrubbing mildew of your shower curtains when there is a simpler more effective way to do so?

If you have any old towels, try putting your shower curtain in your washer with a few old towels. The abrasiveness from the towels can help remove mildew build-up from your shower curtains. 

Get Sparkly Windows

We hate streaks on our windows too!

A great way to get your windows sparkly and streak free is with corn starch and vinegar.

Who says you need fancy cleaning products to get the job done?

Mix together vinegar and corn starch to create the ultimate window cleaner. Also, be sure to use your favorite microfiber cloth or squeegee to keep your windows streak free.

The Ultimate House Cleaning Tips

Now that you know all the best-kept house cleaning tips, its time to get started.

Don’t have the time to clean?

We get it. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it’s hard to make the time or have the energy to clean your entire home or space. In situations like this, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

Hiring a professional cleaning company can help save you time and also help get your space in excellent condition. To learn more about our professional cleaning services at Rescue My Time Cleaning Service, contact us today or request a quote online.