cleaning window sills

When you start cleaning your home, you probably remember to wipe down the glass of a window. But what about the rest of the window?

Window sills often get overlooked in the hectic routine of cleaning, but they’re a vital part of keeping your dirt at bay. Dirt, dust, and even bugs settle on your window sill, so cleaning window sills is essential to keep a clean and healthy home.

In this article, we’ll explore the best way to clean window sills

Cleaning Window Sills: 5 Steps

A window sill is a prime area for plenty of things to collect like dirt and even pollen. If these substances are not removed, they lead to more significant problems like mold and grime, or irritating allergies. Ignoring the sills and tracks of a window also could cause problems with opening and closing the window, as well as possibly ruining the window itself.

The great part is cleaning a window sill is a relatively easy task and requires minimal tools and time. And the result is worth it!

First, gather all the items you’ll need:

  • Vacuum
  • All-purpose spray (any kind will likely do!)
  • Microfiber cloth or paper towels

Here are five steps to cleaning your window sills.

1. Vacuum

Because window sills are ideal places for dirt to linger, you’ll want to vacuum all the dirt, dust, bugs, pollen, and anything else lying on your window sill. Use a small attachment to get in hard-to-reach places if you have quite a bit of dirt.

2. Spray

After removing all the loose dirt and debris, use your multi-purpose spray to wet all the window sill and wipe away any dirt spots left. If you want, you could also use warm soapy water instead of a spray. Don’t forget to spray in the tracks also!

3. Use Heavy Duty Cleaners

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your windows, there might be caked-on or hard-to-remove dirt in crevices that’s stubborn to remove. In this case, allowing the cleaning solution to sit for several minutes might be a good idea. Doing so would let the solution to break down the stained area further and make it easier to clean.

Baking soda and vinegar are excellent home remedies for targeting hard-to-remove stains.

4. Detail

Once you’ve wiped everything down, go back and detail with a toothbrush or even a q-tip. There could be dirt still hanging around in the tracks or corners. Sprinkle some baking soda on the toothbrush or q-tip to make detailing easier.

Wipe away the residue with warm water once you’ve removed the stubborn dirt.

5. Wipe And Finish

After detailing and wiping, make sure the water drops are dried. If water is allowed to sit on window sills or in the tracks, you have a recipe for mold, and it creates drip marks.

Lubricating your tracks is also wise because it keeps your window working. For vinyl windows use silicone lubricant, and wax for wooden windows.

Ready to Clean Your Window Sills?

Cleaning window sills are important for both the window and the health of your family and takes very little time. Plus, it makes the window appear cleaner and brighter.

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