Dust: no matter how much or how often you clean, it seems like there is always a spot you missed.

But keeping it around can lead to health problems: not only can dust bring bouts of allergic reactions, but it can also worsen other pre-existing health conditions and carry harmful viruses and toxins.

Staying on top of house cleaning is a struggle, we know. Eventually, everyone has to get down and dirty.

Here’s the best way to clean heavy dust in your home.

Use a Damp, Clean Cloth

You may have seen advertisements for dry disposable products that collect dust. Because dust is light, these products are more likely to further spread dust in your house than actually collect everything.

Be more effective in your cleaning routine. Using a soft microfiber cloth, a large bucket of water, and a disinfectant solution you can collect much more of the dust.

Remember to keep the cloth as damp as possible without leaving puddles to maximize the dust-catching abilities, and to wash the dust off of the cloth (and change the water regularly) to make sure you’re not spreading wet dust around.

Start Top-Down

Because dust has a tendency to float around when it is moved, the best place to start is from the highest area where dust is collecting. This could be the exterior (or even interior) of your vents and most likely the blades of your fan. Check out our article on how to clean ceiling fans without making a mess to perfect your cleaning method.

Frequent Cleaning is the Best Way to Clean Heavy Dust

While it can be burdensome, it’s important to wipe down every part of your home that dust can reach. Use extra care when wiping down electronic devices to make sure you don’t cause water damage.

Vacuuming all floor types (hardwood, carpet, etc.) will collect extra dust that a broom can miss, and mopping can collect any extra particles that may have blown away.

Remember that dust is also collecting on cloth items such as curtains, blankets, and plush toys. While you’re working on wiping down the hard stuff, throw these items in the washing machine to get rid of the hiding dust.

Prevent major dust collection from happening again by cleaning your home regularly. You should wash bedding once a week, dust your home at least once a week, and wash curtains and drapes every six months.

You should also change the air filter to your AC/Heat system once a month to reduce dust buildup. If you don’t, your AC system will likely begin redistributing dust throughout your home.

Invest in Home Help

There are technologies that you can use to help reduce the amount of dust in your home:

  • An air purifier can run continuously to catch any dust particles floating nearby.
  • An automatic vacuum, such as a Roomba, will collect dust off of the flooring between your manual floor cleaning sessions.
  • A carpet cleaner will wash and scrub the carpet, removing as much dust as possible.

Clearly, creating a dust-free home is a challenge. With dust removal required frequently, it can start taking up much of your free time.

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