The warm weather means your ceiling fans will be in use 24/7. The more you use your fan, the more dust collects on the blades.

Gross, right?

Unless you enjoy having clumps of dust and debris flying around, your ceiling fan will need to be cleaned regularly. Continue reading to find out the best way to clean ceiling fans without making a mess of the whole room.

Purpose-Built Equipment

First things first, get yourself a specialized fan duster. Yes, they exist. The duster comes on a long pole and is specially shaped to fit out the blades of your fan for easy cleaning.

If your blades are particularly dirty, using this method could result in dust all over your floor. Continue reading for easy blade cleaning tips.

Blade Cleaning

Use a small ladder or steps to reach up to eye level with the blades. Get a damp pillowcase and slip it over the blade.

Use pressure from your hands to wipe both sides of the blade as you pull the pillowcase off. All dust and debris from the blades will be contained inside the pillowcase.

Repeat this step for all blades. Once you are finished, turn the pillowcase inside out and launder as normal. You can use a dust preventive on the blades, so the dust doesn’t build up there in the first place.

Extreme dirt or kitchen fan blades may require specialist cleaning chemicals to remove grease and dirt from the fan blades. Seek advice from your fan manufacturer in this case. Do not use abrasive or toxic chemicals on your ceiling fan.

Motor Cleaning

Wipe down the chain and the motor case. Use a compressed air canister to remove loose dust from inside the motor.


Wipe and replace lightbulbs as needed. Only ever use a dry microfiber cloth to clean a lightbulb. Remember, a clean lightbulb does shine brighter than a dirty lightbulb.


Remove any light shades and wash in warm soapy water to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Ensure it is fully dry before reattaching to the ceiling fan.

Vacuum Attachment

Purchase a duster attachment for your vacuum and simple vacuum your ceiling fan. This will prevent most of the dust from falling onto the furniture or floors.

Avoiding a Mess

If your ceiling fan is inside a small room, directly above a bed or other soft furnishings then you need to protect the furniture before cleaning. Lay down an old flat sheet or tarpaulin over the furniture to protect it from falling debris while cleaning.

Follow Our Best Way to Clean Ceiling Fans

There you have it, our best way to clean ceiling fans and keep your house clean in the process. Make sure to routinely dust your fan at least once a week, and deep clean it every 1-2 months.

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