Are you stressed out by the state of your home? Are you struggling every week to keep on top of all your chores? What you need is a weekly cleaning checklist.

This kind of checklist is the perfect way to make certain you’re doing everything you need to do to maintain a clean home. With a good checklist, you’ll only spend your time on the chores that matter.

Keep reading to learn more about the tasks that should be on your weekly checklist!

1. Tidy Every Room

Clutter has a negative impact on your mental state. This is why tidying and decluttering should always be a priority during the week.

Throw away anything you no longer need. Organize the closets and cabinets. Place things where they belong.

The good news is that these tasks don’t take long to complete, but you’ll see the difference instantly. If you only have time for one chore during the week, make tidying up the one you choose!

2. Laundry

Laundry is one of those weekly chores many of us despise, but it’s an important step to staying happy. The clothes we wear affect our confidence. When your favorite outfit sits in the hamper, it doesn’t give you the right kind of confidence to tackle that issue at work.

Getting laundry done throughout the week means you won’t have to do 7 loads in one day to catch up.

You’ll always have your best clothing available when you need that extra confidence boost. Plus, you’ll have more clothing options to show off your personality!

3. Bathroom Deep Clean

The bathroom in your home is one of the most used spaces in the entire house. That’s why you’ll want to give it a deep clean at least once a week. It’s the best way to prevent bacteria from making you and your family sick.

Make sure to wipe down all of the surfaces in this room. Scrub the toilet, sink, and showerhead. Don’t forget to clean the toothbrush holder and replenish your stock of toilet paper.

By including this deep clean into your weekly cleaning schedule, you’ll prevent any build-up of unattractive things like soap scum. It also keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.

If you hate cleaning the bathroom, hiring a cleaning service is a great alternative!

4. Fridge Organization

It’s easy to throw leftovers into the fridge after a delicious dinner, but how often do you eat those leftovers? It’s a common thing to forget about that container sitting in the back of the fridge.

The worst is when foods expire without us even realizing it until we go to use them.

The perfect solution to this problem is to clean and organize your fridge once a week. You’ll have the chance to throw away all the old foods and write down the things you need to buy when you next go to the store.

It’s a great way to keep your fridge sparkling clean and you’ll always have the ingredients you need to make your favorite dishes during the week.

5. Wipe Down Cabinets

Cabinets are not often the thing we think about when it comes to a cleaning regimen. However, they’re a vital part of keeping up with a healthy and clean home.

You and your family open and close those cabinets all the time throughout the week. Food particles and other grime cling to the handles and anywhere else that gets touched. As time goes on, those areas turn a different color and they’ll be almost impossible to clean.

Giving your cabinets a good wipe down will clear away that grime and prevent this from happening. Make sure to give extra attention to the handles, but don’t forget to wipe down the doors as well. Accidental touches happen all the time.

6. Clean the Microwave

If your kitchen includes a microwave, you’ll know how easy it is for food to collect on the inside. The biggest problem with the microwave is that those food particles harden and stick to the walls. It’s tricky to clean and takes a lot of scrubbing.

When food splatters refuse to come off, place a microwave-safe bowl filled with water into the machine. Run it for a few minutes to create steam. The steam makes those dried pieces softer and easier to wipe away.

The best thing to do is to prevent this from happening at all.

When you give your microwave a quick clean at least once a week, the walls remain much cleaner. If you use your microwave a lot, it’s a good idea to do this twice a week instead.

7. Dust

The battle against dust often feels like a never-ending fight. By dusting your home once a week, you’ll stay on top of this tricky chore.

This is even more important if you or a loved one suffers from allergies or a sensitive respiratory system.

Don’t forget to dust the hard-to-reach places as well as places that see a lot of traffic. These are the areas where dust loves to settle and will be in the biggest need of a wipe!

8. Mop and Vacuum

Right after a good dusting is the perfect time to mop and vacuum your floors. This way you’ll clean away any dust or grime that your dusting rag dropped.

The best thing about mopping and vacuuming is that they make the biggest visual difference in your home. If you want a quick burst of motivation, mop or vacuum and you’ll feel the instantaneous difference in your home.

While you have the vacuum out, give your furniture a quick clean for even better results!

This Ultimate Weekly Cleaning Checklist Helps You Reach All Your Goals

As you cross off each item on your weekly cleaning checklist, you’ll have the mental capacity to stay productive. No longer will the debilitating stress of a dirty home keep you down.

Dedicate a day of the week to each of these tasks, and you’ll have no trouble maintaining a beautiful home!

If this cleaning checklist feels like too much to tackle every week, we’re here to help. Check out our services and you’ll have all the free time in the world!