The average American cleans their household for approximately 12,896 hours in their lifetime. Sadly, that year and a half can usually feel wasted when you could have spent that time elsewhere. 

For that reason, so many people in the United States are now hiring a house cleaning company to service their homes regularly. 

Hiring a house cleaner has various benefits, like saving time and helping your mental and physical health. 

Before you hire a professional house cleaner, it’s essential that you ask these questions! These questions will help you find a reputable cleaning company that you will love and trust. 

1. Do You Have References?

Cleaning companies usually have an extensive clientele list that they regularly service. That list is full of customers who have various opinions of how well or poorly the company conducted business. Finding references for the company is an excellent opportunity for you to get an overall idea of them. 

First, you can research on your own online to see if any reviews have been left on their behalf. Online reviews can give you a quick understanding of whether you’d like to work with them or not, depending on the majority. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, you can go further in-depth to research the company. 

Once you’ve found a few options, you can contact the establishments directly to ask for references. They will usually give you different contacts that you can follow up with. It’s always a good idea to contact at least three previous customers to get an overall opinion. 

When you’re in contact with the references, you can ask any questions about the company’s quality of work. Always ask if they’d use their services again and ask for a general rating. From here, you’ll be able to make your final decision on which company you’d like to work with. 

2. Do You Provide Background Checks?

As you know, cleaning companies are made up of many different employees that go house to house to clean. If it’s a larger company, you may get different maids each time you have a scheduled cleaning. Therefore, it’s critical that you ask if the company provides background checks for each employee they hire. 

You must go with a company that requires these checks for peace of mind. Background checks ensure they have no criminal charges, are not dangerous, and are trustworthy. 

Remember, your home is the safest and most comfortable place in your life. Therefore, you only want to allow people that can be trusted. You never want to feel uncomfortable or uneasy with anyone who steps foot in your home. 

3. Do You Have Insurance and Liability?

Most establishments carry insurance and liability for each service they provide. However, some companies may not carry these policies, depending on the size. Since a cleaning company will be in your home, you must make sure that they have legitimate insurance and liability policies. 

Worker’s comp insurance is one of the most important things the company will need to have. This insurance will keep liability and legality off you if an employee is hurt in your home. The company will take full responsibility for any employee accidents under this policy. 

You also need to ensure that the company will take all liability for any damage or accidents from an employee. They will be held accountable for any repairs necessary. 

4. What Experience Do You Have?

As you hire a company to perform any service, you always want to ensure they have experience under their belts. This will give you comfort in knowing that they can adequately get the job done and meet your standards. 

Always ask the cleaning company how many years of experience they have. At this point, feel free to ask any questions about how their services are done. They should be able to give you a detailed checklist of things they’ll clean and explain what to expect. 

5. What Is Your Average Pricing?

Of course, hiring a cleaning company to service your home will cost money. Therefore, it’s essential to ask for a cost breakdown of their cleaning. Usually, cleaning companies will offer to give you a quote for your home to have an overall idea of the cost. 

Pricing may also be customized based on your needs. Some homes may not need as much cleaning as others. Therefore, you should pick and choose which cleaning services you want or need. 

6. Do You Have a Quality Assurance Policy?

Before booking your cleaning, always ask if the company offers a quality assurance policy. This policy will always ensure your happiness with their work.

After your cleaning service is completed, you should take the time to make sure it meets your standards. If anything was missed or not cleaned well, you should contact the company. They should honor their policy and make things right by offering to fix the problem.  

7. What Services Do You Offer?

Each cleaning company is different and can offer various services. Always research or ask for a service list to see what they clean.

Some companies specialize in specific areas, meaning you’ll need to check to see if your needs will be met. If your first option has strict service parameters, you may need to go with a different company. 

Questions for a Professional House Cleaner

Hiring a professional house cleaner can be more complicated than you may think. Hopefully, these questions will help you find residential cleaning worth your money. 

Then you’ll be relaxing in your clean and comfy house in no time! 

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