In their entire lifespan, women spend 12,896 hours cleaning and men spend 6,448 hours.

Why not pay someone else to clean and get that time back?

Not only is this more efficient, it supplies an income for other people (hitting two birds with one stone!)

It can feel weird at first to have someone else clean your space (it’s your private zone, after all).

Here’s what you can expect from local cleaning services in your home so you can move forward with confidence.

Safety and Reliability

Members of your local cleaning service have been in the community for a long time.  They often have licenses, insurance, and strong reputations.

Reading reviews can ease your worries and show you how customers feel about the business.

Any questions not answered by reviews can then be directly asked to the cleaning service.

Clear Communication

The best way to know what to expect from a house cleaning company is to ask what they offer.

Be clear on what your needs and expectations are. That way, you can find out if the housekeeper provides that and how much they charge.

In general, you should not expect specialized jobs. This includes deep cleaning, outdoor window washing, and child care.

To avoid disappointment and confusion, practice clear communication.

Be aware that more expectations will lead to more time spent. This will make your bill go up, which may be worth it depending on your budget.

Time Management

Cleaning services are professionals, and as such, they know how to clean efficiently.  

Regardless, they can only do so much in an hour.  You should discuss with the cleaning service, as mentioned before, what tasks you’d like done.

Then, you can develop a consistent schedule.  You may need a couple of times a week, once a month, or occasional visits.

If you’re uncomfortable with many people coming to your house, you can request the same person to come every time.

You may have to adjust your schedule to match theirs if this is the case.

Speaking of adjusting your schedule, you need to know that you should still include some cleaning in your schedule.  Including pre-cleaning before the housekeeper gets there.

Tidy Up Before The Local Cleaning Services Arrive

Many people think it’s counterintuitive to clean before you pay for someone else to clean.  It’s not.  

Think about it: housekeepers are there to clean, not to organize. You shouldn’t have clutter and mess everywhere.

You should do your own dishes, as most services don’t include this.  Other preparations are listed here, including sticking around for the first visit.

This way, you can assess their reputation yourself, communicate expectations, see how they spend their time, and find out if it works for you.

Get Your Time Back

While this information prepares you for your local cleaning services, the only way to truly find out is to try it yourself.

Talk to a professional and request a quote today.  Have your questions answered so you can move forward and save time and energy.