Carpets are expensive and we definitely want to keep them fresh. In fact, many interior decorators consider the rug or carpet to be one of the most powerful decorative pieces in the room.

But it’s the floor. Spills are bound to happen.

If you’re ready for it, you’ll be able to handle any spill. And you can avoid the cost of a new carpet or a stain removal service.

Be ready, with these 7 tips for removing carpet stains.

1. The First Move You Make: Pull the Liquids Out

Liquids will soak into most carpets quickly.

Before you do anything, if the spill is still wet, dab a dry cloth or paper towel on it. You should do this before adding any kind of cleaning solution or even water.

Your goal here is to absorb as much as you can, as quickly as you can.

If it has already dried, do the same thing with a wet cloth to remove as much of the color as you can. Do not scrub. Just blot it.

2. Scoop Up Thicker Spills with a Knife

Liquids that are thicker, like mustard, mostly rest above the carpet. The same is true for any spills that have some solid debris.

In that case, your first move is to scoop up what you can. A kitchen knife is probably the best tool for this, but anything thin and solid will do the trick.

3. Don’t Use Too Much Soap

Once you’ve pulled as much as you can out of the carpet, you’ll use some kind of cleaning solution. Soap is an obvious option.

You don’t want to pour your dish soap directly onto the stain. Instead, mix a soap and water solution.

4. Use Ammonia for Acidic Stains

Acidic substances you might spill, like ketchup, coffee, and soy sauce, can be cleaned using an ammonia solution.

Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia per 1/2 cup of water.

Soak a section of your paper towel with the mixture and repeatedly dap the stain. You’ll want to frequently switch to a different section of your paper towel.

5. Your Nail Polish Remover Can Help in a Pintch

Sometimes store bought products and DIY cleaning techniques are just as good.

It’s the acetone that dissolves and removes the polish from your nails. Any product with acetone will have that effect. Only use a non-oily nail polish remover on your carpet.

6. Don’t Use a Colorful Cloth

If you’re cleaning with ammonia, acetone, or another stain remover you need to use a plain white cloth. If the cloth has any color, the cleaning solution can actually transfer the color from the cloth into the carpet and make the stain worse.

7. Thoroughly Wash Out Cleaning Products with Water

Many of the cleaning products you use can leave stains themselves. Just like with bleach, ammonia will pull the color from your carpet if left to sit. Also, many of these products can be harmful to your health.

With these products you need to wash the stain quickly and then thoroughly wash the area out with just water, using a fresh cloth. Do not leave them to soak.

Be Prepared for Removing Carpet Stains and Your Other Household Cleaning Needs

With these tips at the ready, you’ll be prepared next time, for effectively removing carpet stains. But there’s more you should know, and more you can do, to keep your home clean.

Be proactive. Make your life a lot easier by getting a regular home cleaning. Contact us by phone or email to get a quote or ask about our services.