At a minimum, you should wash your windows once every six months.

While a lot of people want crisp and clean windows, they avoid the task because it’s so frustrating. Going to clean your window and getting stuck with streaks makes a person never want to attempt it again!

If you want to learn how to clean windows to avoid those frustrating streaks, keep reading! Here are the top window cleaning tips to make your windows shine.

Use the Right Products

Of all the best window cleaning tips, the most important one is usually having the right products. This refers to the cleaning products and the tools you’ll use. 

Make sure you’ve got a window squeegee (wiper) and a window or glass surface cleaner. These will give you the best finish on your windows. 

Clean the inside of the windows, then the outside. Wipe the windows down to get rid of loose dust and dirt. After that, spray or wipe the cleaning product onto the window, then wipe it off with the squeegee. 

Mistakes to Avoid

Consider when to clean your windows. There’s no point trying to clean them on a wet or windy day. Even if you get the product on and clean the windows, they’ll get dirty again in a matter of hours. 

If the window frames are made of wood, make sure you keep water away from them as much as possible. If the wood hasn’t been sealed in a while, be extra careful with this. It’s difficult to get water out of wood, so it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold to grow

Before applying wet cleaning products, make sure you remove as much dust as possible. This includes cleaning blinds or shades in front of the curtain, and the glass and window pane itself. This way there’s less dirt that will get stuck to the moisture of the cleaning product. 

Hire Professionals

If all else fails, it might be time to hire a professional cleaning service. They are experts at delivering streak-free windows. There are a few reasons this is the most effective easy window cleaning method. 

You can trust the cleaning company will have the right cleaning products and equipment, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. They’ll also have perfected their technique, so there won’t be any grime or streaks left behind. 

And, if you hire the company for the long term, you don’t have to worry about tracking when last you cleaned your windows! Cleaning companies will organize a cleaning schedule with you, so your windows will get a regular cleaning, along with the rest of your home. 

Use These Window Cleaning Tips

If you want a simple window cleaning, use these window cleaning tips. The biggest problem is usually having the wrong products, or making the common window cleaning mistakes. 

If you’re still not getting the perfectly clean windows you want, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to provide you with some professional assistance.