Statistics show that cleaning the toilet and windows are among the top five most hated chores in America. Chances are you don’t like these tasks either.

When you have these and several other household chores to do, you may become confused about where to begin and this can make it difficult to start. If you find yourself feeling this way, a house cleaning checklist can be useful in helping you to get started.

Here is a guide to cleaning your house that will get the job done faster.

1. Time to De-clutter

Once you get all the clutter out of the way, you will be well on your way to getting your house clean. Pick up everything that is not in its proper place and put them where they belong.

While you are at it, go through magazines, books, clothing, and shoes, throw out what you don’t want. You can also use this time to organize your dirty laundry. Separate the whites from the colored items and even put in a load of laundry. These can wash while you move on to other tasks.

2. Let’s Dust

Next, it’s time to start removing any dust that has started to build up in your home. Use microfiber cloths, dampened them and start wiping furniture, blinds, and appliances from left to right to remove dirt.

Attach a dampened microfiber cloth to the ends of brooms and mops to remove cobwebs.

Here are some areas that are often forgotten that you should try to remember:

  • picture frames
  • light fixtures
  • fans
  • top of doors
  • tv screens
  • computer monitors

For the cleaning of tv screens and monitors, you can use glass cleaner, this will help to prevent streaking. Give the furniture a good waxing as well if it is necessary.

3. Vacuum, Sweep and Mop

Now that you have picked up, laundered and dusted, its time to bring out the vacuum. Vacuum the entire house and any upholstered furniture.

Move the furniture and vacuum under it. Put away any items that you find under the furniture immediately.

Once you have vacuumed, you can sweep the floors to remove any excess dust. When you have finished this you can start mopping the floor.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

The kitchen and the bathroom are special projects, here is what you need to clean to get the job done quickly.

  • countertops
  • stove
  • refrigerator
  • small appliances

Once you have finished the kitchen. It’s time to start cleaning the bathroom. Here are the most important areas you need to clean.

  • toilet
  • shower or bath
  • sink
  • mirrors

There are some items you will probably need to change, these are, rugs, the bath mat, and the shower curtain. Once all this is done you should be well on your way to a cleaner home.

5. Window Cleaning Must Be on Your House Cleaning Checklist

Once you have finished all the tasks discussed, you can start on another part of your home cleaning. That is the cleaning of your windows. Use a glass cleaner to spray the windows and wipe them down with newspapers.

Use a squeegee to clean high windows and areas on lower windows that are difficult to reach. The final thing you should do is remove any window screens and scrub them clean with a bristle brush. You can rinse them clean with a hose and leave them out to dry before reattaching them.

Final Thoughts

A house cleaning checklist will assist you in getting your house clean faster. Once you have finished with a task you can cross it off your list. Needless, to say having a checklist will make you feel as if you are actually achieving your goals.

If you would like more information about house cleaning or would like to get a professional cleaning please contact us.