Cleaning is one of those jobs you don’t really enjoy, but you have to do it. What’s worse than spending hours on end dusting your place down? Seeing the appearance of dust again within a matter of days.

All the hard work you put into dusting can feel fruitless. This scenario is even worse for the 50 million Americans who suffer from one or more allergies. Allergies can make living in your home or going to work feel like a death sentence. 

Is there a way to be the one in control when it feels as though the dust mites are the rulers? There may be a few things you are overlooking. Keep reading to learn how to reduce dust in your home.  

1. Take a Closer Look at Your Shoes

If you walk inside your home, you are inviting the very thing you hate. Dust is easy to travel to the inside of your home from your shoes alone. In some parts of the country, it’s proper to remove your shoes before walking inside.

A major reason for that is because the bottom of your shoes has dirt and dust. If you like wearing shoes in your home instead of going barefoot or wearing socks, you can purchase indoor-only shoes. 

There’s another option for those who have guests or those who want to reduce dust accumulation at their business. You can get a quality floor mat.

Sturdy mats are stable and allow anyone to scrape away to release dust beneath their shoes. An important tip with mats is to remember to vacuum them regularly to remove accumulated dust. You will still be inviting dust in your place if you do not.  

2. Invest in a Quality Air Purifier 

Air purifiers do much more for your place than eliminate odors. You may have guessed why: they are excellent at capturing dust. The typical fan or air conditioning system is unideal because they scatter dust while providing cooling.

While it helps to clean your A/C vents to reduce dust, it’s even better to invest in a good air purifier. They do a better job at keeping your home clean and eliminating up to 99% of dust pollen, bacteria, mold, and other harmful air particles.

Air purifiers can trap micro particles, which can prevent dust from happening in the first place. In order to ensure your HVAC system and air purifying system are working optimally, you must remember to clean the system or change the filter often.

Depending on the brand that you purchase, you want to switch your filter once every 1 to 3 months. Refer to your manufacturer’s guide to determine how often you should do it. 

3. Close Your Windows and Doors

The best way to get your property smelling fresh and less stuffy is by opening your doors and windows. The air outside can also provide a cooling effect. While it is a good idea to open your doors and windows, you may not want to do it without protection. 

This means you are best keeping your doors and windows shut to reduce the amount of dust that enters. However, if you want to continue ventilating your place, you should purchase or repair any broken window and door screens.

Quality screens do more than keep pests out. They may also prevent pollen and dust particles from passing through. 

4. Get Rid of Clutter

You’d be surprised if you knew how easily clutter attracts dust. While decorations are a good thing and help make a room look esthetic, you don’t want to go overboard.

Most people who have a lot of items do not clean them as often as they should. If you have items in your room that you can do without, it’s better to get rid of them. Decluttering your workspace will free up space and does wonders to increase a happier mood. 

Whatever you do wish to keep should get dusted on a regular basis to prevent dust buildup. If you decide you want to store some of your items away, place them in a storage bag first.

You will not have to worry about dust accumulation that way. 

5. Use Proper Anti-dust Equipment

For example, when you are cleaning and changing your bedding, you want to encase your mattress and pillows and dust protective covers. You also want to get a good cleaning vacuum to remove dust throughout your home or within a business space. 

It’s important to learn common dust traps you may have that increase the amount of dust where you live. Fabric upholstery such as curtains is the main culprit that traps dust.

Faux plants, faux throws, and plush toys can also attract dust. Using a dust vacuum or washing these materials on a weekly basis will help prevent dust. The best dust vacuums will have HEPA filters similar to air purifiers. 

They are a must-have because these filters reduce dust that may escape back into the air. You will also get a better clean using a microfiber cloth to remove dust compared to the generic feather duster. Feather dusters are more likely to spread dust rather than trap and remove it. 

A Cleaning Company That Knows How to Reduce Dust in Your Home 

Dust is something you can completely prevent from occurring, but with regular upkeep, it’s possible. Learning tips on how to reduce dust will free you from dust bunnies that seem to produce endlessly in your space. You can implement any of these tips if you are looking to reduce dust in your home or business.

If you have the house cleaning blues, Rescue my Time Cleaning Service is here to help. We can help you save time by doing the job for you. Contact us if you are seeking a solution to dust.