In America, around 12% of people hire housekeeper services, and another 47% would consider using a cleaning service for their home. If you’re one of those people who is thinking about hiring a professional housekeeper, you might have some questions.

One of those questions might be figuring out how exactly to create a functioning schedule for your housekeeper that fits into your family’s lifestyle.

Here’s how to maintain a housekeeper schedule that works for your family.

Your Budget

Before you hire a cleaning service, it’s important for you to know what needs cleaning in your home and what your budget is. These factors will help you set a cleaning schedule.

Knowing what needs cleaning and the frequency of those cleans will help you get a better idea of how often your housekeeper needs to come. Try creating a list of tasks and how often they need cleaning before you contact the cleaning service.

Also, see what items on the list are immediate concerns and which are less critical.

Most of the time, the more frequently you require cleaning, the more expensive the services will cost.

A Daily Housekeeper Schedule

The two types of families that daily house cleaning works best for would be young children and the elderly.

Families with young children who are always busy can often create a lot of mess. Daily cleaning helps clean the mess as it happens instead of having it pile up throughout the week.

The elderly may need help with daily cleaning because of trouble with mobility and not being able to complete some of their basic chores.

A Weekly Schedule

You can also choose to have a housekeeper come either weekly or bi-weekly.

If you can do light cleaning throughout the week until your next cleaning appointment, this would be a good schedule for you. When the housekeeper comes, they will take care of the deep cleaning and will work on the areas you couldn’t get to.

On a weekly schedule, your housekeeper can clean up the kitchen, bathroom, vacuum, mop, changing towels and linens, and can even dust.

A Monthly Schedule

If you can take care of the daily cleaning of your home but require assistance with a good deep clean every few weeks, monthly will work best for you.

Your housekeeper will focus on more intense tasks like scrubbing down your refrigerator and not so much on the light cleaning.

This way, all the nooks and crannies in your home won’t have time to get extremely dirty in-between cleanings.

An Occasional Visit

Instead of creating a housekeeping schedule, you can opt for the occasional visit from your cleaning service.

This works well for those who aren’t that concerned with light cleaning or who can maintain a clean home themselves. A housekeeper can come in every once in a while when it works for you and gets to those areas you can’t get to or clean that well.

You can try hiring a cleaning service occasionally around six months to a year.

It’s Up To You

Now that you know how to create a housekeeper schedule that works for everyone in your family, you’ll find that things will run more smoothly in your home.

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