The average price of tile flooring has steadily increased over the past ten years from $0.95 per square foot to $1.19.

While the price of tile flooring continues to rise, you want to do all you can to keep it looking its best.

You may have questions like what is the best tile floor cleaner? Are there natural products that work as a tile floor cleaner?

Looking for tips on how to clean tile floors? Keep reading to learn how to make your tile floors sparkle.

How To Clean Tile Floors

A clean tile floor is the foundation of a clean home. From the right tile cleaner to the proper techniques, the following 5 tips will have your floors looking spectacular.

1. Clean Up Crumbs, Dust and Debris

Vacuum and sweep your floors as often as needed. Do you have dogs, cats, and/or kids? More frequent preliminary cleaning is necessary to keep dust and dirt from dulling your floors.

2. Treat Stains First

Is there a stain on your tile? Depending on what it is, you’ll want to treat it properly before cleaning the entire floor.

Red wine? Coffee? Grease? Use the right method for each. Check out this guide to pre-cleaning stains on your tile floors.

3. Use the Right Mop and Cleaning Solution

A chamois-style or a rag mop is best when cleaning tile floors. A sponge mop pushes the dirty water into the grout lines whereas the others lift the dirt away.

Tiles floors do not need harsh cleaners. Vinegar, mild dish soap, and water are all you need to remove dirt and grime from your floors.

Change the water frequently so you are not using dirty water as you move to different areas of the home.

4. Rinse and Dry

Following a good cleaning with a mild detergent, be sure to properly rinse your tiles. Soap residue makes the tile look hazy.

The soap residue attracts more dirt and dust as well. The last thing you want is for your floors to be dirtier than when you started.

5. Make a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your floors regularly keeps them looking their best. Tile floors should be on your weekly cleaning schedule.

Pay careful attention to cleaning the grout once monthly with a mild detergent. You don’t want to strip away the sealant.

Plan to hire a professional to give your floors a deep cleaning every year or every other year. Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming can only go so far. You’ll be amazed at how good your floors will look after a professional cleaning.

Got Tile?

Now that you know how to clean tile floors, you’ll have your home sparkling. Do you know who cleans your home with the professionalism you desire? We at Rescue My Time Cleaning Service are here to serve you with our trained staff.

Each of our cleaning technicians is licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today with your questions. Discover the permanent cure for the housecleaning blues.