Juggling between work and the kids is hard enough. Folding the laundry can make you push it to the bottom of the list.

Having heaps of wrinkled clothes in your room can be overwhelming. The sight can even make you lazier.

Most people don’t realize that their closet organization has an impact on their lives. Getting ready in the morning can be quite hard if you are looking for what to wear from a heap of wrinkled clothes.

Thus, it’s important to know how to fold laundry in the right way. Using the right folding style can save you a lot of time. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to fold laundry like a pro.

How to Fold Shirts

When folding shirts, it’s advisable to arrange them into small packets. This will enable you to see all your shirts at once.

Marie Kondo introduced a system of folding clothes that has gained popularity. She advocates for filing shirts vertically to save up on space. Here is a folding style that will work for all types of t-shirts.

Start by laying the shirt flat with the back facing up. Take the arms and fold them onto the back of the shirt. Then take one side of the shirt and fold it to cover one sleeve.

Do the same for the other side to form a long rectangle. Fold the bottom third of the shirt and then fold the top third onto it.

Now to make a neat square fold it into two. Place it with the collar facing up.

Folding Jeans and Pants

The folding style of pants is not that hard to grasp. However pants come in various types of fabrics. Most people prefer separating their jeans and other pants in their closets.

For longer pants, you will have to fold them into quarters. When folding pants start by flattening the front pockets by putting your hands in each of them. Most people who skip this part end up having uneven stacks.

Secondly, place the pants with the back facing up. Then fold the pants after vertically aligning them. The folding style matters on the length of the pants.

Fold once for shorts and into thirds for short pants. To fold long pants into quarters, first, fold them into two then fold them again. This results in a more compact look than rolling them.

Folding Sweaters

Sweaters can be tricky especially when we try to fold them like shirts. Their heavy material makes folding a bit more difficult.

This folding style takes longer than most but ensures that a crease doesn’t firm in the middle. This way, you can wear your sweaters without having to iron them.

When folding a sweater start by laying it with the back facing down. Then take the arms and fold them parallel to the sides. Bring both sides to the center of the sweater.

Make sure they meet but do not overlap for a neat look. If it’s a long sweater fold it in thirds. Otherwise, fold it in half and stack the sweaters.

Folding Turtlenecks

Folding turtle necks can vary from dealing with sweaters or shirts. Most people make the mistake of folding them like shirts but their long neck gets in the way. Thus, they end up looking a bit clammy than other clothes.

Start by making the turtleneck with the back facing up. Then fold the arms along the sides of the cloth.

Take the neck and fold it down towards the center of the turtleneck. Flatten the cloth and fold from either side. This will result in a rectangle with the neck’s length as the width.

Proceed to fold the top and bottom to meet at the center. If you deem it for, you can fold it in half to make a smaller packet. Follow the Marie kondo way of folding them by placing them vertically.

How to Fold Overalls

Overalls can be quite comfy to wear when doing the laundry and other home chores. Most people never figure out the right folding style for overalls. They end up giving up and throwing them in a pile.

To avoid making a mess when folding overalls, make sure to hide the bib in the process. Start by clipping the shoulders to avoid loose straps in your stack.

Flatten out the pockets and button it. Now that you have a solid base, you can lay the overall flat with the back facing down. Fold the upper part to lie on the front part of the lower part.

Then proceed as you would with pants. Fold them vertically and then into quarters or thirds. You can fold them into halves if you see it fit.

How to Fold Socks

No matter how much effort you put in your closet organization you can’t seem to stop losing your socks. We rummage through our drawers a lot and in the process mix up our socks. It’s comical how you always find one part of the pair when you are in a hurry.

You don’t have to worry about that anymore as this folding style will ensure your socks are always in pairs. Welding socks start by placing one sock on top of the other. Flatten them out and make sure the ankles align.

Turn the top on one sock inside out so that it can find the other. Take about a third of the sock and put it in the fold.

Using a finger to push the rest of the material results in a neater finish. This works for socks of all types of fabrics.

How to Fold Laundry

Knowing how to fold laundry in the right way saves up a lot of time. If you follow the guide step by step you will end up having the closet look you want.

Besides, you will stop dealing with heaps of wrinkled clothes. Dealing with different types of fabric can call for extra folding. Contact us if you need any help with cleaning solutions.