Being a homeowner is one of the most rewarding parts of being an adult. You own your own space and can design and decorate it however you want. Your home is truly an extension of who you are!

However, owning a home also comes with obligations and responsibilities. A responsible homeowner knows how to take care of their space and keep things clean. That means having all the essential cleaning supplies.

Keep reading for the top five!

Essential Cleaning Supplies for Any Home

While there are thousands of cleaning supplies on the market, you can make do without most of them. Here, we’re going to look at a list of the absolute necessities when it comes to keeping your home clean and fresh.

1. A Quality Vacuum

Every home needs a high-quality reliable vacuum cleaner. Yes, this is even one of the essential cleaning supplies for homes without carpeted floors.

For carpeted homes, the use of the vacuum is obvious. You’ll need it to keep your floors clean and allergen-free. Without carpets, you can still vacuum hard floors, but you could also use it for furniture, blinds, and even your stairs.

2. Spray Bottles and Rags

Next, you’ll need a variety of spray bottles and different cleaners to go with it. For example, you’ll want an all-purpose cleaner for everyday stuff, furniture polish for wood surfaces, a disinfectant for messes prone to bacteria, and glass cleaner.

Spray bottles are useless without rags, however, so don’t forget to get some cleaning cloths.

3. A Handy Sponge and Scour Pad

Although, most homeowners know that cleaning rags aren’t tough enough for some jobs. You’ll also want to make sure you get a tough sponge and scour pad (sometimes an all-in-one item) to take care of those stubborn messes that need a little extra elbow grease.

We also recommend getting a Magic Eraser (off-brands work just as well). These little guys will take stains and scuffs off of nearly any hard surface.

4. A Broom and Dustpan

Another one of the most essential cleaning supplies is a broom and dustpan. While a tough vacuum probably could handle most messes, there are some things you just shouldn’t use it for.

Big items like spilled dogfood or extremely fine powders such as flour can be hard on your vacuum and will require a broom instead.

5. A Mop

Finally, you’ll want a means of polishing and scrubbing hard floors in your home. That’s why a mop is on our essential cleanings supplies list. Unless your home was built a long time ago, your bathroom and kitchen should have linoleum, laminate, or some other kind of hard floor.

These rooms are also prone to the worst kinds of messes. A mop will keep you off your hands and knees scrubbing by hand.

Want Help Cleaning?

Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping up with our chores at home. We may be too busy or too exhausted to want to clean. However, you can’t let your house go forever!

If you need help cleaning, let us know! We’ll give you a free quote and give you a good idea of how we can help you keep your home clean.