About 70 million U.S. households own a pet, meaning pet hair and dander can be a problem in your home. Pet hair and pet dander impact your allergies and can make you sick. But how do you get rid of it and keep your home clean?

You can reduce pet hair and dander in several ways, including cleaning your house regularly, grooming your pets, and installing filters. Following these few steps can keep your healthy and pet hair free!

Here’s more on how to get rid of unwanted pet hair.

Clean Your Home

Regular home cleaning can reduce pet dander and clean pet hair from all surfaces. When you keep after it, cleaning your home doesn’t take long each day.

Wipe down surfaces and run a vacuum cleaner. If needed, assign chores to your family members and teach them how to get pet hair off a couch or how to get pet hair out of a carpet.

If you need help, hire a professional cleaning company for your home to reduce pet dander and clean pet hair. Regular deep cleanings will help your home smell fresh and clean and reduce the allergens in your home.

Groom Your Pets

Regular grooming of your pets can help reduce the amount of pet hair in your home. When you bathe your dog, you can ensure the dander and hair go directly into the drain.

How often should you groom your pet? Much depends on the furriness of your animal.

Also, consider professional grooming and clipping to clean pet hair and reduce pet dander.

Add Filters

HEPA filters can trap all kinds of things and keep them from moving throughout your home. Filers are relatively inexpensive and can save you breathing easier.

Also, change your HVAC filters regularly. You might be surprised to find out how much stuff gets trapped in your filters!

Make Good Choices

Are you doing renovations to your home? Consider adding hardwood floors as an alternative to get pet hair out of the carpet. Also, replace leather with velvet if you are looking at how to get pet hair off of a couch.

Moreover, invest in pet blankets for the furniture in your home. It will protect your furniture and make cleanup easier.

Several vacuum cleaners are also on the market specifically designed for pet hair. While they are more expensive, the investment might be worth it to keep pet hair out of your home.

Reducing Pet Hair in Your Home

There are several ways to reduce pet hair in your home, including regular cleaning of your home and grooming of your pets. Also, use filters and if you are renovating or making upgrades, make good choices!

When you need a professional, contact us today and let us help you give your home a deep cleaning to remove pet hair. It’s less than you think and will go a long way to giving you a happy and healthy home.