It makes sense that hiring a house cleaning service can reduce your amount of weekly stress. But did you know that not all cleaning services are equal?

Some house cleaners aren’t as thorough as others. And that can leave your home looking less than impressive. If you want to make sure the job is getting done, you need to check the house after cleaning. 

After Cleaning Checklist 

You may think going behind a housemaid defeats the purpose. But until you’re certain they’re doing their best work, you have to take a look around. Here’s a checklist to help make this job fast and easy. 

1. In the Kitchen 

Sometimes, it feels like the kitchen can look cluttered because of so many appliances. These kitchen supplies can also hide dirt. So, how do you know if your housemaid has cleaned it well enough?

Move appliances from corners, and use a paper towel to wipe the corners. If there isn’t any dust or debris, they’ve already done the job. 

Check under the cabinets to see if the mopping was thorough. Sometimes, it can be hard to get in those areas, so don’t judge too badly. After that, look to see if the trashcan still has waste in it. Hopefully, they will have taken that out, as well.

2. The Living Room 

This is your most trafficked area if you have guests, so it’s critical. 

Did the cleaning services dust every surface? This one should be easy to spot because dust isn’t easy to hide in daylight. 

Likewise, vacuuming should be easy to tell, too. Look under some of the furniture, though. You can always tell if they skipped those areas because there won’t be vacuum lines.  

The mark of a great maid service is one that won’t neglect the windows. If your windows are nice and clear, then they’ve outdone themselves. 

3. The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are notorious for harboring lots of germs. That’s why you have to make sure your cleaning service is being thorough in there. 

First, check the wastebaskets to make sure they’re all emptied. There’s nothing worse than having left-over trash pile up.

Once you’ve finished that, move on the tub and shower. These two places can build up soap scum and residue. So, check the shower doors, and ledges for any soap build-up. When it’s clear, check the drain to see if it’s clean. 

When it comes to the tub, the process is much the same. Run a hand over the surface to check for any slippery residue or soap scum. 

Trusted Cleaning Services 

If you hire someone trustworthy, you won’t need any after cleaning checklists. That’s because you won’t be cleaning up after someone who is well-trained and loves their job. At Rescue My Time Cleaning Service, we’re here to take the heavy load so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Whether you need housekeeping or office cleaning, contact us today!