Can you believe that the average American spends almost 24 hours doing their house cleaning routine each month?

If you’re tired of spending all of your free time doing chores, then you need to rethink your cleaning strategies. You may have adopted some habits that make your chores less effective.

What are the most common house cleaning mistakes to avoid? Keep reading our guide to find out.

1. Using the Wrong House Cleaning Products

Every task has ideal tools and it’s worth taking the time to learn about how you can clean better. Instead of using a feather duster that spreads dust, trap the dust with a microfiber cloth. Instead of using water to mop your floors, buy a cleaning product designed for the flooring material.

2. Not Working From Top to Bottom

You should never start your cleaning process by vacuuming and then working your way up. Starting from the top will allow you to clean any particles that fall onto the floor once.

3. Not Cleaning Your Appliances

Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines make it much easier to finish chores faster. However, these appliances need to get cleaned once in a while as well. Running these appliances on an empty cycle with some cleaning products will prevent all kinds of harmful buildup.

4. Dusting Living Room Furniture With Polish

While there’s nothing wrong with applying polish to your furniture, chances are high that you’re using too much of it. Dust your furniture with a microfiber cloth first, then use a tiny amount of polish afterward.

5. Using the Same Sponge Everywhere

Sponges can harbor all kinds of nasty bacteria. It’s good to use your sponges in one area of your home and replace them often to avoid spreading germs.

6. Removing Carpet Stains the Wrong Way

When something spills, it’s normal to panic and start scrubbing. However, if you want to get stains out permanently, then you need to keep blotting. Scrubbing will damage the fibers and make the stain more difficult to remove.

7. Cleaning Glass With Paper Towels

Paper towels are quite convenient, but you should never use them on glass surfaces. They leave behind noticeable particles that make your surfaces look dirty. You should use a microfiber cloth and avoid cleaning your windows during sunny days since sunlight can cause streaks.

8. Not Knowing When It’s Time to Hire a House Cleaning Service

Even if you don’t have a large home or lots of people living in your household, keeping your environment clean can feel impossible. If you want to lighten your load and get better results, you should think about hiring a cleaner.

You Don’t Want to Make These Common House Cleaning Mistakes

You might be surprised to learn that you’re making these common house cleaning mistakes. Now that you’ve read this article, you can start enjoying a fresher home.

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