Do you want to amp up the quality of your regular house cleaning schedule? Whether you do small cleaning tasks daily or you like to keep everything for the weekend, you need the right cleaning tools for the job. What’s better than finding the things that the professionals use? 

While you won’t have access to every professional-quality cleaning tool or cleanser, there are plenty of things that you can take advantage of that are available at almost any supermarket. You’ll be surprised at how simple some fan-favorite tools and supplies are!

Not sure where to get started? We want to help you out. Keep reading for some of the top tools of the trade so you can stay clean and tidy between housekeeping visits. 

1. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are a must-have in any household cleaning kit, but they’re one of the things that are too commonly left out!

Why are they so great? 

They work for every kind of surface. They’re good at cleaning cabinets, countertops, dishes, and even stovetops when they’re used wet. When they’re dry, they’re awesome for cleaning delicate surfaces like glass tabletops or television screens.

These handy cloths trap dust and grime in their fibers, and they’re soft enough to not cause damage to anything you’re using them on. 

They’re a great alternative to paper towels as they’re reusable and washable, and they’re softer than rags made out of leftover fabric or clothing (though we love those as well). 

2. Melamine Foam

This might sound foreign to you, but there’s no doubt that you’ve seen this white foam at the supermarket.

The most popular form of melamine foam is the Mr. Clean magic eraser. It looks like a white sponge, but it’s actually more complex than that. It’s an open-cell foam with a texture that’s similar to sandpaper, but it’s soft and fine enough to not damage surfaces so long as they’re hard enough. 

They’re great for getting rid of hard-to-clean marks as the extra abrasive quality can get into the grime.

3. A Good Vacuum

Is it time to upgrade your vacuum? 

We almost all have vacuums in our homes, but many of them are long past their lifespan. Not all vacuums are made equally, either.

If you’re someone with a lot of pets (or someone with long hair), you know that a standard vacuum isn’t always good enough. You want one that’s heavy-duty with a good roller and a few replaceable accessories to get into the hard-to-reach crevices in corners and under furniture. 

A good vacuum can be the difference between a floor that looks clean and a floor that feels (and is) clean. Tiny particles of dust, mold, and other allergens can lurk in your carpets. You need a high-quality vacuum to get them out! 

4. Rubber Gloves

Have you found your hands getting itchy or sore while you’re cleaning your house? Plenty of cleaning products are too harsh for frequent skin contact, and even the gentler ones will dry your hands out over time. 

Aside from investing in a good moisturizer, you should also always use gloves when cleaning.

We love thick rubber gloves for hand safety. Not only are they reusable, but they’re also harder to perforate. You won’t end up with any harmful chemicals seeping through.

Remember to always wash your hands after you clean, though. You don’t want to touch your eyes or cook your food with any residual chemicals on your hands. 

5. White Vinegar

Something as simple as white vinegar packs a major punch when it comes to household cleaning. 

While not everyone relies on vinegar, it’s used by many professional cleaning experts when they’re not on the job. It’s easily available, cheap, and gentle enough for most surfaces. 

While some people object to the smell, if you keep windows open while it dries it’s unnoticeable. 

6. Baking Soda 

Alongside white vinegar, baking soda is one of the more popular natural “cleaning products” that many of our professionals use when they’re not on the job. 

It’s great for removing unpleasant smells from refrigerators, carpets, and closets. It also works well when it’s mixed together with vinegar to create a foam. This foam is effective at removing grime or gentle stains. 

You already keep some baking soda in your pantry for baking. Why not add it to your cleaning toolbox? 

7. All-Purpose Cleaners

There are so many cleaning products for all different purposes being marketed to you at any given time. Do you really need all of them? In short – no.

While there are some things that need special cleaning products (like wood and carpets), most surfaces will do fine with an all-purpose cleaning product. These are the ones that come in spray bottles for a few dollars. 

There are plenty of companies that want to sell you things for your glass, your ceramic, your countertops, and everything else that can be handled just as well by a good all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 

8. An Empty Spray Bottle 

Everyone needs at least one empty spray bottle in their cleaning toolbox. 

For starters, they’re good for rinsing chemicals away. Fill it with water and experience an easier time rinsing away grime after you’re done scrubbing. 

On top of that, they’re great for making and distributing mixtures. Remember how we mentioned baking soda and white vinegar earlier? These things work together in solutions with water for some of their cleaning applications. 

Rather than dipping a rag in and out of the mixture, use a spray bottle to hold it so you can use it like any other cleaning solution. 

Bottles are also great for bleach solutions. You don’t want your skin to come into contact with the bleach and a spray bottle provides a barrier.

What Are Your Go-To Cleaning Tools? 

While cleaners use some expensive and inaccessible cleaning tools when they’re on the job, there are plenty of household cleaners and easy-to-find tools that even the most experienced cleaner keeps in their toolbox. 

Which of these cleaning tools do you already have? 

If you’re looking for a professional to come give your house a good deep-clean, we’re the cleaning company for you. Whether you need weekly cleaning or a good and intensive clean once per month, we have you covered. Contact us for a quote so we can get your home squeaky clean as soon as possible!