Do you often wonder why it takes you so long to clean the house? And then when you’re done, why it’s dirty again two days later?

It’s hard to keep a place clean. It’s time-consuming, cleaning your house, and it takes away from all of the other things you should be doing with your days.

It’d be nice to hire a cleaning service, but what if you don’t have that kind of money?

If only there was a way to learn some house cleaning tips and tricks from the pros…

You’re in luck, friend. In this article, we’re going to go over 7 house cleaning tips that’ll give you your nights and weekends back.

Put that vacuum down, it’s time to learn.

1. Make a Schedule

This is hotly debated. Do you clean everything in one fell swoop? Or do you do it a little bit at a time?

As we’ll cover a little bit later, cleaning up after yourself a little all of the time will save you time when you are officially “cleaning”.

But, if you schedule a large clean once a week, figure out what needs to be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc., then you’ll find yourself getting in the cleaning “zone” a little more.

The pros don’t clean their houses little bits at a time, they get it all out at once. 

2. Pre-Vacuum Cleaning

You can end up spending a lot of time stopping and starting when vacuuming. You can save yourself from doing this by prepping your room for the vacuum.

If you walk around, pick up garbage and move large items off of your surfaces, you can do the vacuuming and be done with it.

3. Clean a Little All the Time

As we stated, in order to save time, you should clean up after yourself as much as you can.

We understand that dirt and dust accumulate regardless of how much you clean, but picking up after yourself, doing dishes, and small amounts of tidying will save you a lot of time when you go to do the big clean at the end of the week.

If you dedicate a quick 10 minutes every night to walking around and making sure your house is relatively tidy, you won’t dread the big clean because your house isn’t that dirty.

4. Invest In Products

For the love of god, buy decent cleaning products. If you use crappy products, you’re going to end up cleaning a lot more than you want to.

Do some research by looking at online reviews of different products to determine what will be good for your house. Spending a bit of money at the beginning will save you money later on.

5. Keep Everything Together

If your products are scattered in random cupboards and under every sink, you’re going to spend way too much of your cleaning time merely looking for stuff.

Keep all your products together in a bundle in your closet, that way you can just go grab the cleaning stuff and get to it.

6. Rank Things by Importance

You don’t need to wash the windows every week, but maybe you do need to vacuum every week. The key to saving time when cleaning is knowing that you don’t need to over-clean certain areas.

You’ll be able to determine what you need to clean often by simply observing how quickly it gets dirty during the week. This goes back to making a schedule. You can write out what needs to get cleaned and when; then try to stick to it.

7. Floors Last

One of the great time savers when cleaning is to clean your floors last.

Often, it feels like the first thing you should do because it’s one of the bigger jobs. If you do the floors first, you’ll end up doing them last anyways, so just do them last.

When you’re cleaning other surfaces, you tend to wipe dirt on to the floor, causing them to become dirty again. Top down is the best rule of thumb for cleaning.

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Work

You’ll develop your own house cleaning tips and tricks that work as you get into a routine.

It’s not fun to spend all your free time cleaning, so start with these tips and develop your own style. You’ll notice more lounging time on your weekends soon.

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