There are over 327 million people living in America. Do you know what we think of when we read that number?

How much of a mess we collectively make!

As you move through your day, chances are, you leave a trail of crumbs, dust and other disheveled things in your wake. All of that mess eventually culminates into a busy weekend of cleaning.

If you’ve got a pending cleaning on your calendar, be sure that you keep these 5-things on your home cleaning checklist.

1. Wipe Down Your Counter Tops

No matter how many things you try to drop from your home cleaning checklist to make things easier, be sure that your countertops stay among your priorities. After all, your countertops come in close proximity to the food that you prepare and eat.

Neglecting to wipe down your counters with a safe cleaning solution could lead to bacteria build-up that might find its way into your mouth come dinner time.

2. The Dishes

Nothing can derail the cleanliness of a house quite like a pile of dishes. Even if you try to look in the opposite direction and forget that you’ve been putting off dishes all week, you can still smell them.

We get that dishes can be a complete hassle. As a matter of fact, our team saves people hours of time every month by tackling their kitchen-related cleaning duties for them.

If you’re adamant on handling your sink woes on your own though, handle them. Don’t leave them piled up and waiting.

3. Vacuuming

Do you own pets? If you do, you should be vacuuming your house multiple times per week.

Pet hair has a knack for getting tangled up in your carpet which can torture allergy sufferers.

Even if you don’t have pets, cleaning your carpet via vacuuming (and the occasional shampooing) will keep your house smelling fresh and looking its best.

4. Clean Around The Toilet

Bathroom cleaning can be a bummer. Despite that fact, there’s just about nothing worse than having a dirty bathroom.

So, unless, you’re willing to call in professionals to give you a much-needed assist, throw on your rubber gloves and get scrubbing. Your toilet isn’t going to clean itself.

5. Call For Some Help

It takes a special kind of person to love cleaning. Our team at Rescue My Time Cleaning Service is made up of those people.

If you’re planning on flushing your weekend down the drain because of a lengthy cleaning project, don’t. Call in pros like us and reclaim your time.

Wrapping Up Tasks to Never Skip on Your Home Cleaning Checklist

As cleaning day looms, you’ll naturally want to start dropping tasks from your agenda. The 5 suggestions that we’ve outlined above are things that you won’t want to let fall off of your home cleaning checklist.

And, as we mentioned, if you’d prefer to spend your cleaning time doing something more enjoyable or productive, we’ve got your back!

Let our team give you a free house or office cleaning quote and leave your cleaning needs to the pros.