Vacation is the perfect time to rest, relax, and let go of all of life’s stresses. Coming back to a cluttered home after?

Well, you may need a second vacation.

Clutter translates to stress, and one of the best gifts you can give your future self is a clean home.

So don’t ruin your post-vacation glow — follow this cleaning checklist for vacation and come home to cleanliness.


In many ways, the kitchen is the hardest room in your home to clean. Why? Because there’s so much surface area!

You’re not just sweeping and vacuuming. You have to wipe down surfaces, clean out ovens and microwaves, ditch dirty sponges, and more.

Start by clearing off your counters and stovetops. A dirty counter isn’t just tough to look at, it may attract unwanted house guests, too, so be sure to remove any crumbs or food particles.

Don’t forget to clean under your stove burners, too, as food particles can sometimes slip underneath.

And don’t forget to sweep and vacuum. Your kitchen acquires a ton of dirt and grime, especially if you use it every day.

Living Room

Once you’re finished in the kitchen, it’s on to the living room.

Begin by dusting cabinets, entertainment centers, and furniture. If you have a ceiling fan, don’t forget to clean off the top of the blades, too.

Next, give your living room a quick once-over with the vacuum.

Finally, pick up any trash and dishes and put them in the garbage bin and dishwasher respectively.


No, it isn’t time to take a nap. At least, not yet.

If you’re the type of person who leaves clothes on the floor (we’re guilty too, don’t worry) and has a stray glass or two on the nightstand, cleaning your bedroom might seem like climbing Mt. Everest. Your best bet here is to roll up your sleeves, turn on some tunes, and get to work.

Strip your bed — including the pillowcases — and give your sheets and comforter a wash.

While you’re at it, this is the perfect chance to clean your floor, so toss any dirty clothes in the laundry, too.

Get rid of those dirty dishes and wipe down your nightstand.


No one likes cleaning the bathroom. In fact, cleaning toilets is something that 52% of people say is their most hated cleaning task.

Still, it’s important to keep a clean bathroom. Moisture breeds mold, which can lead to illnesses and allergies.

Make sure to dust and wipe down any and all surfaces in your bathroom, including any shower tiles and your tub. And yes, your toilet, too.

Miscellaneous Tasks

In addition to cleaning the main rooms of your home, taking care of a few smaller areas can make your post-vacation bliss last a little longer.

Turn off Your Heating and Cooling

We spend $22 billion per year on keeping our homes warmed and cooled. To keep from wasting energy, be sure to turn off your thermostat before heading out.

Sweep the Hallways

It’s easy to forget about your hallways. But since you walk through them each day, they can get quite dirty.

Grab the broom and spend a few minutes clearing your hallways. Don’t forget to target those hard-to-reach areas, like corners.

Stop the Mail

No one wants to be greeted by an overflowing mailbox when they get home. Stopping the mail might be an extra step, but it can keep your mailbox from getting clogged.

Plus, a full mailbox is practically an invitation to would-be burglars, as it shows that you’re not home.

Keep It Clean: Your Checklist for Vacation

The only thing better than leaving for vacation is coming home to a clean home. Use this cleaning checklist for vacation to help your arrival home stress-free!

And if you’d rather not worry about cleaning, don’t forget that we can help. Get in touch today and request a quote!