Your mother-in-law calls. She and your father-in-law decided to take a spontaneous trip and come visit! She apologizes for the short notice, but they’re going to arrive bright and early Friday morning. Although you’ve likely been thrown into a state of panic by this news, have no fear. Next-day home cleaning services to the rescue!

Booking a house cleaning on short-notice is subject to availability.  But we sometimes offer last minute booking deals, so call for details and availability.

Plenty of people hire a housekeeper or cleaning service to come regularly — once a week, every other week, or once a month. But did you realize that it was possible to sometimes book next-day cleaning? Read on to learn all about this sanity-saving service!

Reasons to Choose Next Day Home Cleaning Services

In addition to those surprise visits from relatives or friends, there are plenty of reasons you might need to book a cleaning service on short notice.

Maybe you run an Airbnb, and don’t have time — or are too busy with your day job — to get the place spic and span before one client checks out and another arrives.

Your whole family could be recovering from a bout of the flu. Even though the worst of the illness has passed, you’re still too weak to do much about the mess that sprang up in a week’s time.

It’s possible that you forgot to get your spouse a birthday or anniversary present, but you know that being able to put his feet up while someone else tackles the cleaning for once would be the best gift of all.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find that hiring a home cleaning service with just a few hours’ notice is easier and more economical than you might think!

What To Expect from a Professional Cleaning Service

Before you hire someone to clean your home, it’s important to understand what jobs cleaners will and will not tackle. You’d be surprised how many people feel that a cleaning service is an all-around jack-of-all-trades, or a servant who is there to do your bidding.

Most services will include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, and dusting all furniture, knick-knacks, light fixtures, windowsills, and other surfaces. Additional tasks such as changing the linens, doing laundry, or washing windows may be requested as well. Know that you will probably pay a little extra for these services. Cleaning services may also charge more for deep cleaning chores or an especially dirty space.

The cleaners are not responsible for exterior window washing, washing dishes, cooking, organizing your clutter, watching your children, taking care of your pets, or doing yard work.

If you have questions about what’s included, or want to request a particular job, be sure to inquire when you first contact the cleaning service.

Additional Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

Of course, the biggest perk of having someone come to clean your home is that you don’t have to do it! Many people dislike cleaning and prefer to outsource it.

However, that’s not the only benefit. Cleaning pros are a great time-saver. On average, a woman will spend nearly 13,000 hours of her life cleaning!

Lastly, a cleaning service does a thorough job, cleaning some parts of your home that you probably don’t pay much attention to. When was the last time you dusted your ceiling fan, for example?

Ready to Get Started?

Want to have a sparkling clean home by dinnertime? Or do you want to schedule a regular cleaner to come once a month or more often to keep your home looking great? Give us a call today and find out what sets our home cleaning services apart from the competition!