Attn:  Brooms on the Move Clients

Angela LeCroy, owner of Brooms on the Move, LLC (BOTM), and Lisa Siciliano and Glen Eddins, owners of Rescue My Time Cleaning Service (RMTCS) are proud to announce that beginning October 4th, 2021, all BOTM clients will be served by RMTCS.  RMTCS has also hired the technicians formerly employed by BOTM with the goals of continuing to provide cleaning services on the same schedule, with the same technician and at the same price.

Statement from Angela LeCroy:

My husband and I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to the country and pursue a simpler life.  My husband and I will be moving intending to try our hand at farming!

The even better news is that I was able to find an amazing company, Rescue My Time Cleaning Service, to take over my clients and employees, so there are no interruptions to your service or the technicians.  I have been in cooperation and consultation with this company, especially regarding navigating the uncertainty of the pandemic, over the last 2 years.

Their operations and management style closely mirrors that of Brooms on the Move and should help ensure a seamless transition for the clients.  Additionally, I will be helping Glen and Lisa during the transition arrangement to ensure a smooth handover of the business.  These assurances allow me to feel completely satisfied they will care for you as Brooms on the Move always has.

This decision was an emotional one and finding Glen & Lisa helped me know that you would continue to be served with excellence, which was my biggest priority.

I personally want to thank all the Brooms on the Move clients for their patronage.  In closing, it makes me so happy knowing all of you will be well taken care of and that I can pursue this new chapter in my life.

Statement from Lisa Siciliano and Glen Eddins:

We are so honored that Angela reached out and asked to help with the transition of her company to Rescue My Time Cleaning Service.  We have been working with Angela for years on helping each other with referrals and other mentorship.  The one thing she specifically asked of us was, “take really good care of my customers because they’ve taken good care of me and our staff”.  Our number one goal is a smooth transition and to continue Angela’s legacy of “service first”.  You have been a loyal Brooms on the Move customer and we are proud to continue the great service she provided.

Please reach out to us anytime, we look forward to serving you and your families for a long time.  We are proud of the business and are honored to carry on Angela’s values and legacy with our business.  Our primary goal is to help rescue your weekend one cleaning at a time, because time is precious, and we can all enjoy a little more of it.

Thank you!