When you’re looking to hire a local cleaning service, how do you choose the right one? From referrals to payment options, there are a lot of factors to consider. In the end, you can save a lot of time handing over the mop and dustcloth to a house cleaning service — if you choose the right one.

Read on to learn what you should keep in mind when hiring a local house cleaning service!

Find an Experienced Professional Cleaning Service

When you’re researching cleaning services, it’s perfectly acceptable to inquire about their experience. More experienced cleaning services are more likely to have the tools and skills to be efficient with their time. And if you’re paying by the hour, this saves you money. 

Ask about any awards or honors the company has earned — or check their website. A good company may have achieved credentialing within a national association, too.

You may even want to ask about the company’s interaction with the community or chamber of commerce. If they have partnered with local organizations to give back or raise money, that’s a good sign. It means that they’re established in the community and it demonstrates a strong sense of character.

Local House Cleaning Services Should Be Insured

There’s always a risk that someone could get injured in your home while cleaning. There’s also a risk that someone could knock over your prized vase — or that property could go missing. If your house cleaning service is not bonded or insured, then the problem is yours to deal with.

Before you hire cleaning services, ask for proof that they are insured and bonded. Being bonded means that the house cleaning service has secured money in the event that they cause damage or you experience theft. In other words, there is money available to cover costs if you file a claim.

Insurance coverage also provides financial security in the event of injury or damage. If someone cleaning your house falls and gets injured, insurance will cover their medical bills. A reputable house cleaning service will have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. 

Know What Services You Can Expect

Are you hoping for a regular weekly cleaning, or do you need your oven cleaned, too? Check to see what types of services are included in different cleaning packages. Many cleaning services will itemize the options included within different packages and outline the costs.

Many standard cleaning services will cover dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning countertops. You also may have your garbage emptied or appliances cleaned as part of a weekly routine. In some instances, you could be able to pay a little extra for laundry services.

Are you moving into a new place? Many cleaning services have specific packages for moving in or out of a space. If you have too many other tasks to juggle, it can be handy to hire a professional cleaning service to make sure your new space is clean.

Ask if the cleaning services use non-toxic or green cleaning products. Especially if you have pets or young kids, you want to make sure that the local cleaning service uses products that are safe. 

Ask for Referrals from Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to find the best cleaning services is through referrals. A good house cleaning service should be more than willing to give you referrals from past customers. That way you’ll be able to contact the customer and get their honest feedback.

You also can check for reviews online or through the company’s website. For instance, a website might feature testimonials from happy clients. Or a social media page may indicate lots of positive endorsements.

A simple Google search may yield some reviews. The local chamber of commerce may have perspectives that they’re willing to share, too. If you don’t see glowing reviews anywhere, that could be a red flag. 

It’s also wise to ask cleaning services about quality guarantees. If you’re dissatisfied with the outcome of a cleaning session, what happens next? A professional cleaning service will be ready to offer additional cleaning or a promotion to keep you happy.

A Local Cleaning Service Needs to Be Flexible

Do you need to run errands or make an unexpected trip to your kid’s school? When life forces you to pivot quickly, you need a house cleaning service that is willing to work with you. They should be flexible about rescheduling and working around the responsibilities you have.

While you’re at it, ask how long a typical cleaning will take — and how many people will be in your house. You may be able to pursue customized cleaning packages, especially if the company knows you’ll be a repeat customer. But with some cleaning services, you may have to go with the standard package offered to all potential clients.

A cleaning service should want to earn your business. This means they should be communicative and prompt when you ask questions. They should be friendly, too, and willing to provide ample details about what they offer.

As a first-time customer, it never hurts to ask about promotions or discounts. When a newer company wants to build its customer base, that could translate to bigger savings for you.

Hire the Right House Cleaning Service

To choose the best local house cleaning service, spend time doing research and asking questions. Good cleaning services will be happy to provide proof of insurance and referrals. And if they aren’t forthcoming with this information, look elsewhere.

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