Are you looking to beat the heat this summer? Or are you hoping to make like the birds and fly south for the winter? Either way, if you’re going on a long vacation, cleaning your house before you leave should be a top priority. 

If you leave your house without doing a thorough cleaning, you’ll come back to a bigger mess than you expect. Standing water could become a moldy playground or a nursery for mosquitos. Missed food is an invitation for bugs and rodents to use your home as a vacation spot themselves. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to get your house ready for vacation, keep reading. 

Create a Cleaning Checklist 

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to create a checklist you can take with you from room to room. It’s easy to jump in and get turned around by all the things you have to do. But you don’t want to miss anything before you leave for an extended vacation. 

Sit down and write down a list of all the rooms you want to prepare. Focus on the kitchen, bathrooms, and main living areas. However, you should also include your garage and yard area, to be safe. 

Prepare All Areas 

Next, do a general tidy of all areas in your home. Tidy up, put things away, and declutter as much as you can. This will make you feel better when you come home to a clean house. 

Vacuum and sweep all the floors. Unplug all of the appliances in case of a lightning storm or electrical problem that could arise while you’re gone. 

Kitchen Cleanup 

The kitchen is probably the most important area to prepare when you go on vacation. If you leave behind food particles and don’t check that all your dry goods are closed tightly, you could come back to a pest problem or mold issues. 

Start by making sure every dish in your house is clean. Load and run your dishwasher. 

Then, do a thorough cleanup of the counters and other surfaces in your kitchen. Make sure there is no food waste left behind. 

Check your fridge next and throw away anything that will go bad while you’re gone. Depending on how long you plan to be gone, it may be beneficial to toss everything and lower the temp on your fridge so you can save some money in the long run. 

Empty the trash, clean the garbage disposal, and double-check that all your dry goods are tightly stored and secure from pests. 

Bedroom Tidying 

When tidying your bedroom, pull the sheets and pillows off of your bed and let the mattress air out for a while. Then, replace the sheets with fresh ones and make your bed nicely so you have a soft place to crash when you come home. 

Leave your closet doors open to avoid a musty smell. 

It’s a good idea to make sure that all of your clothing is clean before you leave. Dirty clothes will create a musty smell as well. 

Bathroom Checklist 

Your bathroom needs to be prepared as well. Do a thorough cleaning before you leave. Empty the trash and change your towels. Then, close the taps tight to make sure they don’t leak. 

If you’re leaving for a long time, turn off the water and give your toilet a flush. 

If you notice any standing water in your shower, wipe it down and get rid of it before you leave. This can be a place for mosquitos and mold to grow. 

Yard Maintenance 

Now, let’s move to the spaces outside of your house. Do a walk around your house to check for any spots that need to be cleaned up. 

Check your grill and patio spaces. Are there any areas where you notice you could have a pest problem? It’ll only get worse while you’re away, so consider getting it fixed before you leave. 

Toys, hoses, and tools should all be put away. Empty any birdbaths and turn them upside down to prevent mold and mosquitos. If you have a large pool, cover it. 

Garage and Attic 

You don’t have to worry too much about getting your garage and attic ready for vacation. These places are designed to hold things that are undisturbed for long periods of time. 

However, do a walkthrough before you leave to make sure that there isn’t any damage. Get it repaired before you head off to make sure that you don’t come home to a mess. 

In your garage, make sure all of the tools are clean and put away so they don’t develop rust or other damage. If you plan on leaving your car for a while, consider covering it. 

Enlist Some Help 

Depending on how long you plan to be on vacation, it might be a good idea to enlist some help. Ask a trustworthy neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your place. Give them a key so they can check in a few times, especially after a storm. 

Have them watch for leaks, pests, or other problems that could arise while you’re gone. They can also keep up with watering your plants. 

If you’re leaving for a few months, hire a cleaning service to come once a month to dust and maintain any little messes that could pop up. Additionally, yard services can help make sure your yard looks sharp when you return and you avoid complaints. 

Cleaning Your House Before a Long Vacation

Cleaning your house before a long vacation doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you make a list and stick to it, you’ll be ready to leave for vacation with a sparkling clean house to come home to in no time. 

Remember to get rid of any standing water, food particles, and other things that welcome pests and mold. 

If you’re looking for a housekeeping service to keep your home in good shape while you’re away, request a quote today!