how to do laundry properly

Did you know that Americans do over 660 million loads of laundry every week? With all of us performing laundry and ironing tasks every week, you may think that we have become experts and that there is nothing more to learn?

Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, experts tell us that the way we do our laundry may be significantly reducing the lifespan of our clothing.

If you have wondered how to do laundry properly, or are looking to further protect your clothing we are here to help.

Check out our guide to the 9 crucial laundry mistakes that could be slowly ruining your clothes.

1. Insufficient Sorting

You will likely have grown up knowing that light and dark colors should be washed separately. However, separating your clothes more than this can be beneficial.

Separating clothing according to its weight means that delicate fabrics will not be damaged. Reading the clothing labels well before washing will also give you guidance regarding the fragility of the garment.

2. Putting Detergent Directly On Clothing

Follow this simple routine to protect your clothing: First clothes, then water, finally soap. Pouring the detergent directly onto clothing concentrates its effect on a single spot without diluting it.

For best results use the machines soap tray. The machine will add it at the appropriate point and dilute it when doing so.

3. Using Excessive Detergent

We all know folks who are allergic to certain detergents. Often they learned this by adding too much of the irritant detergent in their laundry load.

If you feel that your clothes are soiled and need extra cleaning power, avoid adding more and more detergent. Instead, switch to a stronger detergent but use the same amount. This will accomplish the same work but with less chance of irritating sensitive skin.

4. Excessive Dryer Usage

There are many reasons to consider switching to outside clothes drying. Drying clothing in the sun and fresh air is, of course, cheaper than running a machine. The gentle breeze is much kinder to your clothes and sheets, which means that they will have a longer life.

If you are hiring a professional cleaner you are actually adding value to the service.  The cleaner will get to work while the laundry is washing and drying.

5. Snagging during Washing

Laundry loads come with all kinds of loose ends. Zippers attached to trousers, hooks and clips attached to underwear. Close or clip these before starting to make sure that they don’t snag other garments in the wash.

6. Buttoned Garments

Close zippers but always open buttons. Why? The movement of the washing machine can create stress on the threads connecting the buttons to the garments. Opening all buttons – including the sleeves of shirts – can lengthen the life of the garment.

7. Machine Maintenance

Maintenance may seem like a scary word. However in reality it can be as easy or as complicated as you can handle.

A basic part of maintenance is the cleaning of the lint trap after each load. Take a simple toothbrush, a little detergent and get to work on the lint trap. In the future when it does not become clogged and requires even more work, you will be happy that you did.

8. Scrubbing Stains

When you have a deep stain in a garment, it may seem logical to put extra physical force into scrubbing it. However, this may be detrimental.

Choose the less aggressive dabbing method. Always remember to use a material that is appropriate to your garment. By treating your garment as soon after it has been stained as possible, you give yourself a better chance of removing it.

9. Detergent Quality

Cheaper detergents are a false economy. The lower price may seem attractive. However, they are often filled with filler liquids. Go with the brand that is trustworthy to get it right the first time.

How to do Laundry Properly and Much More

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