When you’re planning on hosting for the holidays, you’re probably focused on providing entertainment, good food, and other elements that make for a great holiday gathering. Tidying up is likely on your to-do list, but what about cleaning and protecting your carpet?

Carpet cleaning is always an important part of maintaining a healthy and happy home. However, the holiday season often brings in more people, more mess, and more opportunities for grime and stains.

With our holiday carpet cleaning guide, you can make holiday cleaning simple this year. We have both protective and reactive cleaning tips that will keep your carpet looking good as new before and after your holiday gatherings.

Read on for five simple tips that will make holiday carpet cleaning a breeze.

1. Start With Protective Measures

There are a few steps that you can take to lower the risk of a carpet disaster. Start by hosing down or brushing out your welcome mats to remove old dirt and debris. Make sure that these mats have thick, coarse bristles and place them outside of any entry points so that guests can wipe their shoes before stepping inside.

The holiday season comes with holiday decor–and a lot of that decor sheds, from glitter to greenery. One way to minimize the amount of shedding you’re dealing with is to take extra steps to keep your greenery fresh.

For starters, don’t bring in any live greenery within more than two weeks before your holiday event. After two weeks, they will start to lose their freshness and dry out, which is the main culprit behind shedding. Make sure to keep your greenery hydrated by misting wreaths and garlands and changing out the water in your holiday tree stand every few days.

2. Tackle Old Stains

Take a look around carpeted common areas for signs of old stains. Many homeowners believe that set-in stains are a lost cause but the truth is, with the right cleaning supplies and a little elbow grease, you can lift most stains almost entirely.

Make sure that you vacuum your carpet before treating it for stains to ensure that you’re not grinding any dust or debris into your carpet fibers. If you’re using a store-bought carpet cleaning solution, follow the directions carefully. Never mix two different cleaning solutions, as this can produce toxic fumes.

An alternative method is to use baking soda and white vinegar to tackle old stains. Dust a layer of baking soda over the stain so that it is completely covered and pour a few capfuls of white vinegar on top of the baking soda. Allow this combination to foam up and sit for at least two hours.

Then, use a clean cloth or rag to blot up the mixture. Vacuum away any residual baking soda and repeat the process as needed until the stain fades considerably.

3. Seal Your Carpet from Future Stains

Chances are, your carpet came with a sealant that protected it from stains. Carpet sealant works by sealing the individual fibers so that they won’t become saturated with mud, liquids, and other stain-causing substances.

Over time, however, that sealant starts to lose its potency. If your carpet is more than a year old, you may want to consider resealing it. Sealing your carpet is a great thing to do a few weeks before a gathering when the potential for new stains is at its highest.

You can purchase carpet sealing products at most home goods stores. Before you spray your entire carpet with your sealant, do a test spray in an area of the carpet that is normally hidden by furniture (or tucked away in a closet). Spray the sealant and wipe the sprayed area with a white cloth; if the color from your carpet rubs off on the cloth, do not use the sealant on the rest of your carpet.

Once again, follow the directions on your supplies. While the sealant is drying, make sure that no one walks across the treated area. 

4. Vacuum on the Regular

The key to carpet cleaning is regular vacuuming. In an ideal world, you want to vacuum carpeted areas of your home at least three times a month. This lifts away any dust and debris that would otherwise become embedded below the pile, leaving your carpet looking flattened and dingy.

During the holiday season, you may want to vacuum even more often. As we mentioned earlier, the increase in foot traffic and holiday decor both tend to leave your carpet needing more TLC than normal.

If possible, vacuum two to three times a week. Even if you can’t tackle the other steps we’ve already discussed, regular vacuuming will work wonders for keeping your carpet in good condition during the holiday season. 

5. Hire a Full-Service House Cleaning Company

Why take on more tasks during the holiday season? Decorating, shopping, and planning a gathering is enough work. We’re here to tackle your holiday cleaning for you.

House cleaning services go well beyond keeping the carpet clean. Our professional cleaners clean everything from the kitchen sink to the walls, windows, and even the ceilings. With our help, your home will be holiday-ready in no time–and you won’t have to take a break from the planning to get it there!

Let Us Tackle Holiday Carpet Cleaning for You

Holiday carpet cleaning is a must, especially when you’re going to have more people in and out of your home. With these tips, you can keep your carpet clean and safe so that you can focus on what really matters: enjoying time with friends and family.

Ready to find out more about our house cleaning services? Would you like to request a free estimate to get started? Contact us today and we’ll get back to you right away.